ToyStory3 Printable Coupon + Best Toy Story Blu Ray Combo Deal!

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Thursday, October 28th, 2010 at 3:52 am

I called around that think this is the best deal you can get (for now!) Go to the Disney Store and PreOrder ToyStory3 for $26.99. You will get $10 off ANY item coupon or a $20 off $40 coupon to use on any purchase, plus a free 3-D pictograph for Preordering! Use your $8 Blu Ray coupon to get it for only $18.99. We have tons of things we could buy with the $10 coupon, so this makes it like $8.99! Or if you want to look at it this way…you can get the BluRay Combo pack and this figurine set, plus a Toy Story bag for less then $20!

Here is the break down:
ToyStory3 Preorder $26.99
$18.99 out of pocket
When you pick up get 
ToyStory3 figurine set $8.50
ToyStory3 reusable bag $2.50
Use $10 off coupon from preorder
Final Price: $1
Incase you are thinking ToysRUs might have a better deal…they don’t. I called and the preorder is $5 upfront and you pay another $29.99 when you pick it up! You do get a $10 off another DVD purchase, but with the $8 off coupon, it’s still just not a good deal!

Purchase 3 Campbells Condensed kids soups or SpaghettiOs pasta (You can save $1/3 with this printable coupon)
Remove one of the 2 purchase tabs from the back of the movie and mail it and the original receipt along with your Campbellā€™s receipt and UPC and this form to receive $5 back

This rebate was also good on Beauty and the Beast.  If you used it then, you will not be able to use it for this movie!

So this makes it less then $15 for everything! (Thanks Amanda for the rebate info!)

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8 Responses to “ToyStory3 Printable Coupon + Best Toy Story Blu Ray Combo Deal!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    what about blockbuster?

  2. Angela says:

    I'm just stopping over to say I posted this deal only to have a reader say their store would not honor the coupon and the pre-order price. I'm curious to know when you did the calling around – did you ask the store if they'd take the coupon on the pre-order? I'm curious if this was a one-store issue or it's a no-go all around. Thanks.

  3. Katie says:

    My Toys R Us said they will price match. It's worth a shot to ask your local TRU too.

  4. MyDFW Mommy says:

    If that is the case Jennifer, then this is how I would work the deal (First I would ask for a manager and try to do it all in one transaction!) If they won't allow it…I would buy the BluRay and get the coupon. Pocket the coupon and return the BluRay. Buy bay the Bluray with the $8 coupon. In the end you got the deal. Most managers should work thru it with you…considering that TRU will do both!

  5. Jennifer M says:

    FYI…Tried to use my $10 Off Beauty & The Beast coupon at the Disney Store in Frisco, TX at the Stonebriar Mall along with their in-store pre-order promo ($10 gift card and B&B picture) and they would only honor the picture and not the $10 off gift card if using the $10 off coupon – told me one or the other on the coupon or gift card. They kind of gave me a bit of a hard time about using the $10 off coupon at all initially with the pre-order.

  6. Kimberly Mitchell says:

    TRU is giving a free wall clock with the purchase of the bluray or dvd. And also it qualifies for the FREE popcorn tin. So you if you pre-order for $5 it will only be $21.99 at pick up ($26.99 total for 3 TS3 items!) … still not a bad deal !!

  7. MyDFW Mommy says:

    The coupon is NOT yet live…should be AT ANY TIME! :o)

  8. Meghan Heuszel says:

    I click and it says it's over! If you could keep us updated on a better deal, I would appreciate it.