Grocery Deals: How to save 75% this Week

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Our contributor Lezlie went shopping at Krogers, CVS, Albertsons, and Walmart this morning and spent $99.10 and after sales and coupons her out of pocket cost was $24.54, roughly a 75% savings. This is her trip, we wanted to share with you how her shop went so hopefully you can learn how to apply your needs to the great deals.

Also for a complete grocery coupon match up, make sure and click on the weekly ads tab and scroll down to your favorite store.  You’ll also find coupons and deals under our coupons tab.

I love sharing other people’s shopping trips besides our own so you can see it from another perspective!

Here were the highlights:

They are running a 10 for 10 sale but these were the best deals I found.
(you can find all the coupons she is referring to in our coupon database)

Beggin Strips dog treats – $3.99 on sale BOGO- use the BOGO mfg. coupon (exp 7/31) – nets out to FREE
Frenchs Mustard – $1.00- use the .30/1 mfg. coupon – net cost .10
Gain Detergent – $4.99 on sale – use the $2/1 mfg. coupon- net cost $2.99 (reg. price is $6.73)
Ivory Body Wash – $1.00 – use the .50/1 mfg. coupon (exp 7/31) – net cost is FREE
Oral B Toothbrushes – $1 – use the $2/2 mfg. coupon (exp 7/31)- net cost is FREE
Oscar Mayer Bologna- on sale for $1
General Mills Cereal/ Nature Valley Granola Thins – $2.79 buy four get 2 gallons of milk free

**Note** the sale is for the 8.9-14oz size – there are better sales elsewhere unless you need two 2 gallons of milk. Lots of mfg. coupons available to make this a better.

*******NOTE***** If you shop at the Krogers on Faithon P. Lucas in Mesquite, they have implemented a new coupon policy. EFFECTIVE immediately they will only double **1** coupon for an item. They will accept ***3*** coupons, the others will be at face value. Example- the Colgate toothpaste on sale for $1 they will double one .50 coupon, they will accept 2 more but they will be put thru at .50.

As of right now the store on ELAM road is still unlimited – however the assistant manager told me they were most likely going to implement changes in the near future.

Also if you download e coupons to your Kroger Plus Card – these coupons will be taken off automatically, they will not double and you cannot stack them with a paper mfg. coupon. Be careful of what you download, many times the paper coupons are a better deal.


Albertsons: Beltline store in Mesquite

***Note*** In the front of the store there are quite a few sales tables set up with some pretty good deals- too much to list, if you are in the area you may want to check them out.

They are running a MEGA SALE – buy 10 save 5, buy 20 save 10 etc. There are some good deals but these were the ones I found to be the best. (Prices shown are after 10)

Pillsbury Brownie Mix – .69 – use the .40/1 coupon – net cost is FREE
Pillsbury Frosting – .99 – use the .40/1 – net cost is .19
Colgate Toothpaste- .99 – use the .50/1- net cost is FREE
Colgate Toothbrush- .99- use the .40/1- net cost is .19
Pop Secret Popcorn- .88- use the .50/2- net cost is .38 a box
Velveeta cheese – $3.99
Albertson’s- Kellogg’s frosted flakes, fiber plus (.70 printable) rasin bran 12-25oz boxes (larger size) – on sale for $2.49

***NOTE*** You may price match these at Walmart, they will honor the buy 10 price. I purchased the Velveeta cheese for $3.99, (Walmart price is $5.69)

The CSM told me they would honor the price and I did not have to purchase 10 items. This was great news- I didn’t want to have to buy another 9 items to get the cheese for the sale price.

I was in the area so thought I would drop in and scan my card- still trying to get the $3/15, $5/20 or the $2/2 shampoo coupons from the magic machine. No luck and probably my last trip this week. I did purchase the Visine shown in the picture. They are $1.99 and I had the $2/1 printable coupon from a few weeks back – so net was two for FREE. The cashier asked that I call and complete the survey and gave me a FREE snickers bar. GREAT DEAL!

Tom Thumb:

I did not find to much to get exited about. There are some store coupons that are decent in particular a mega freezer coupon that lists several items all for $1. Example – Popsicle novelties – 8 ct – $1

Check your coupons – many are expiring on 7/31- and you may want to use them.

I purchased the Pedigree Dog Food at Walmart using my BOGO coupons. The food is .84 a can and is cheaper here than Albertsons or Krogers (1.19 a can)


Bic Soliel Shimmer Razor or Cartridges – $5.99 – $3 register reward – $3 mfg. coupon (7/10SS) – net cost FREE

Skinny Cow Singles- .99 – .99 register reward – BOGO printable coupon – net cost is 2 for FREE

Walgreens- SALE HIGHLIGHTS- 7/31

Keri lotion – $6.99 – $5 register reward- $2 mfg. coupon (mfg. coupons expire on 7/31 and oct – also a printable coupon)- Net cost is FREE
Allegra 24hour – 5ct- $6.99 – $7 register reward – $2 mfg. coupon (printable from website)- Net cost is $2 PROFIT
Head and Shoulders – 2/$8- $2 register reward- BOGO mfg. coupon (expires 7/31) – Net cost is $2 or $1 a bottle
Pantene Hair Care- 2/$7- $2 register reward- use the $3/2 coupon (expires 7/31) – Net cost is $2 or $1 a bottle
Cottonelle Bath Tissue- (blog states this must be done on 7/31 to get this deal) Buy 2 12 packs use 2 – .75/1 mfg coupon or 2 .50/1 (printable) and $1/1 walgreens coupon found in the August coupon book- receive a $3.50 register reward – net cost is as low as $1.50 a 12 pack.
Complete multipurpose solution $8 – $8 register reward – net cost FREE *
Celadrin inflameaway joint health – $10 – $10 register reward – net cost FREE *
Crayola classic washable markers $2 – $2 register rewards – net cost FREE
Goody Color collection snap clips – $2- $2 register reward – net cost FREE
Oral B Advantage toothbrush- 2/$5 – $2 register reward – $2/1 mfg coupon (expires 7/31) use 2 – net cost $1 PROFIT
Renew life first cleanse – $20- $20 register reward – net cost is FREE *
Walgreens – Sale startes 7/31- Kelloggs select cereals 12-180z (smart start, special k and rasin bran crunch – shown in pic) nutrigrain bars -8ct, special k -6pk (just received an email for new special k coupons this a.m.) and rice Krispie treats – $4/10- less $5 register reward – less mfg. coupons – great deals

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