GIVEAWAY: Red Gold Tomatoes Sampler ~ Now Available in Dallas Area Kroger Stores!

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Thursday, November 29th, 2012 at 11:48 am

Did you know that Red Gold Tomatoes are now sold in the Dallas area at Kroger stores?  Red Gold is a family-owned company that grows some of the most sought-after tomatoes in natural conditions  (read – NO hothouses!). Red Gold has been around since the 1940s and is focused on growing local in the Midwest, in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

I had the opportunity to try out some Red Gold Tomatoes, and I especially loved the Red Gold Tomatoes with Green Chilies! We are huge queso fans in our house, and this queso recipe was a hit with the whole family!

We’d love to give one MyDFWMommy reader a sample pack of Red Gold Tomatoes! Leave us a comment below and tell us about your favorite recipe involving canned tomatoes (feel free to share the recipe or a link, too!)  We’ll announce a winner on Thursday, 12/6!

25 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Red Gold Tomatoes Sampler ~ Now Available in Dallas Area Kroger Stores!”

  1. Tam C says:

    There are so many things you can add canned tomatoes to, especially in spaghetti.

  2. likwan says:

    I love tomato bisque!

  3. Oanh says:

    I use canned tomatoes in chili which my husband loves to make when it's cold out. Great comfort food!

  4. Kirsten Owen says:

    I made pasta last night with canned tomatoes on top. Love in cheese dip too!!

  5. Regina D says:

    I love Cheese dip or Chili

  6. Amanda W. says:

    I use RedGold tomatoes in my spaghetti sauce and in my queso. Thanks!

  7. cheryl says:

    looks delicious. i use can tomatoes in my spaghetti.

  8. Sonya says:

    Chili, queso, or tomato soup…yum!

  9. debbe says:

    My mouth is watering!

  10. Jodi D. says:

    This time of year I LOVE to make chili with tomatoes!

  11. Kim K says:

    I always add canned tomatoes to my spaghetti sauce…just love the extra tomato goodness.

  12. Karin Cummings says:

    Just started making out own salsa recently, using canned tomatoes. :)

  13. Junebugmary says:

    We always keep a can of tomatoes with green chilies on hand. Looking forward to trying Red Gold.

  14. BalloonJan says:

    I make beef vegetable soup with mine. I just empty all the vegetables and leftovers into the soup pot
    and let it boil for a hour.

  15. kbeit says:

    I use tomatoes in many recipes. Really like adding them to recipes that just call for tomato sauce, just makes the recipes that much better!

  16. Tanya Phelps says:

    My hubby makes the best salsa with canned tomatoes!

  17. Shannon says:

    I make a great Chili with Canned Tomatoes..would love to try fresh tomatoes!

  18. sjohn says:

    I do like the queso, but I like to use it in my mac and cheese recipe

  19. BuckeyeInTex says:

    The best tomatoes are from Ohio! I used canned tomatoes in Chili and Tortilla Soup.

  20. Linda says:

    Actually I just used the cans of Red Gold Dices Tomatoes and Green Chilies in my Black Eye Pea Goulash.
    1 lb hamburger meat fried and drained (saute 1/2 cup onion in with the meat) then add:
    4 to 5 cans of Black Eye Peas, drain 2 of them. (i use 2 cans w/jalapenos and 3 without to spice it up)
    3 cans of the Red Gold Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies(just like Rotel but BETTER!!!
    2 heaping Tablespoons of chili powder
    2 heaping Tablespoons of Brown Sugar
    1 tsp of Celery Seed
    1 tsp of Mrs Dash
    Simmer on low for about an hour or I put mine in the crock pot, make some cornbread and serve it for New Year's Day celebration. (they love it so much i make it during the year too) You can also substitute the hamburger for like Jimmy Dean 1lb package of sausage fried and drained as well, or sometimes I add both and make a double batch.

  21. cherish roundstream says:

    Easies Queso EVER!! Rotel and Velveta, put in the microwave. Done!! My mom used to put them in a slow cooker for parties!!

  22. Kerri S says:

    We do use it in queso, but chili the most! Already use Them, love this brand!

  23. carolyn says:

    chili !!

  24. Ashley S. says:

    I used rotel last night to "concoct" this dish. It is yummy:
    Ground beef
    1 can of mild rotel
    Taco seasoning
    I'd love to try this brand.

  25. Donna says:

    I love to make homemade spaghetti sauce