CVS/pharmacy: Great Last Minute Gifts Featuring “me” :) & $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 9:00 am

We’re BACK!  The “CVS/pharmacy Christmas Crew,” which highlighted all that CVS has to offer during the Christmas season, from stocking stuffers to unexpected finds that will surprise and delight. Check out this week’s CVS/pharmacy Christmas Crew video, which is about great last minute gifts at  your local CVS/pharmacy.  You have to watch this video… I’ll give 5 extra entries if you find something that isn’t quite right (hint… it has to do with my family) :) AND no cheating by reading comments from others :)!!!!

I had a blast along with some of my favorite blogging buddies… Shannon at ForTheMomma’s, Cindy at LivingRichWithCoupons and Audrey from MomGenerations and Cecilia from Double Duty Divas get prepped for 2 holiday parties! Take a look below!

And because of this I am able to give our readers a $100 CVS/pharmacy gift card each week as the new videos are launched.

Just leave a comment below and tell us why YOU love CVS!  One winner will receive a $100 gift card from CVS!  Woohoo!  Our winner will be chosen on 12/24!

93 Responses to “CVS/pharmacy: Great Last Minute Gifts Featuring “me” :) & $100 Gift Card Giveaway!”

  1. I like CVS. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. likwan says:

    I love CVS because of the great sales!

  3. Yuki says:

    Extra Care Bucks and the after holiday sales!

  4. neiddy says:

    I love CVS because they are very coupon friendly, Ive never had any trouble combining coupons and the savings are great!

  5. Rachel says:

    I love their low prices on certain items I buy & their sales!

  6. Michelle says:

    LOVE the ecb! I wonder if the not quite right was your son moving in with you to go to school :)

  7. Kim A. says:

    I love CVS beacuse you can save money with ECB's and coupons.

  8. Jeanetta H. says:

    I love CVS because of the coupon machine. It prints out some great coupons.

  9. Janet says:

    I love CVS for the Easy Care Bucks

  10. Stacey B` says:

    I love CVS because of their awesome weekly deals!

  11. Deanna G. says:

    I love CVS because they have great prices and an awesome selection! :)

  12. amber says:

    love the ecb program at cvs. . .never had a problem geting an ecb i've earned

  13. Laura Shepherd says:

    I left my LOVE CVS comment, but forgot to note what I thought was possibly the surprising element from the video. I was surprised to hear that your son was 21 and returning home. I thought he just entered high school in the last year or so. Hope I receive and extra 5 entries. Thanks.
    P.S. I do love getting stocking stuffers from CVS.

    • stlmommy says:

      They kind of edited it – it's actually my nephew,not son! Nope, son is still in high school! :) Wondered if anyone caught that!! :)

  14. Traci C. says:

    I luv everything about CVS. Fun deals, great coupons, even at the entrance of the store and of course ECBs!!!!

  15. Scott says:

    I need convenience, as I hate to shop or go in stores. So, I love that CVS is so convenient and easy to find everything.

  16. Mary S. says:

    I love the helpful pharmacist at CVS, which gives me confidence in what I'm taking or the advice I need for family members' meds.

  17. Ann Black says:

    I love earning extra care bucks at CVS. I stack them with my other coupons to make awesome deals!

  18. Lee Sinclair says:

    For me, I love that I can get "in" and "out" of CVS so very easily.

  19. Jackie B. says:

    I LOVE all the extra goodies I find at CVS.

  20. Laura Shepherd says:

    I LOVE my CVS coupon machine that greets me each time I visit.

  21. BlessieNelson says:

    I recently discovered CVS and found that they have awesome deals on everything! I love that!

  22. Christine M says:

    Love that you can double CVS coupons with manufacturer! Usually on top of Extra Buck offers!!

    tubbytelly at gmail dot com

  23. Cherie says:

    CVS is the place to be for great store savings. They have the best deals & they are so customer friendly! It is my best store for the money, I have walked out for free or under a dollar so many times due to the ECBs, 20 or 25% off coupons, the MCM coupons, the stacks are awesome! I love CVS!

  24. kara says:

    I love the magic coupon machine! I went there today and the printer was broken though. I almost cried! :(

  25. Sarah says:

    I love CVS because it saves me a trip to the grocery store!

  26. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    I LOVE CVS because you can pick up all the essentials!! :)

  27. Amanda G. says:

    I love CVS for the great deals

  28. SPA says:

    I love CVS and all of their deals and rebates, and they are everywhere.

  29. Linda says:

    I am a CVS FANATIC!!! I love all the deals I get weekly, yes I said weekly…i love how you can stack CVS coupons and MFG coupons and also use EB's wiithout having to use fillers like another store we know…:(…I love their Managers and their store employees, they are always so nice and helpful…Thanks for doing this giveaway, I could sure use a little extra cash for the holidays!!! I could make the $100 Gift Card streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch…and get alot more for my money…wooo hooooo

  30. Charles B. says:

    I love the convenience of CVS!

  31. Denise says:

    CVS has everything you need and its easy to get in and out when your in a hurry.

  32. Becky C says:

    I love the ECBs at CVS!!! My guess about the thing that isn't quite right is that you are not the wild one as shown on the stocking???

  33. Laura B says:

    Close to home and love the sales and extra bucks!!! Didn't think your son was 21.

  34. Cathy F. says:

    I love CVS's sales and extra bucks! You mentioned your son just moved in to go to school. I hope I win.

  35. Karen Owens says:

    I like to shop CVS sales! I also like the CVS Bucks I get for purchases, then I can get discounts or free merchandise!

  36. Olivia says:

    Love CBS as they often have good deals.

  37. sjohn says:

    great prices, clean. your son was not on the stocking.

  38. gatormomx2 says:

    I am a long time fan of CVS. The nicest people work there! They are friendly even at 3am! I am very grateful for my local CVS that is open 24hrs for any emergency I might have.

  39. Melvin says:

    The Magic Coupon Machine and the ECB's

  40. Valentina Zapata says:

    I love CVS!
    The only thing weird I noticed was your 21 year old moving back (in) FOR school. You look too young for a 21 year old!

  41. April H. says:

    CVS is convenient, and quick, and they carry lots of items, not just "pharmacy" stuff!

  42. Ken Ohl says:

    my wife lives at CVS we have one very close to our house and the deals she gets she loves that store. Thankyou, Ken

  43. Linda R says:

    I love shopping at CVS! Also, I guess what's not quite right is either your son moving back in or you didn't buy a gift for your husband x) hope I win! I could really use it!

  44. DeVilla says:

    I LOVE CVS! They are so coupon friendly.

  45. Lynne says:

    CVS is my favorite place to shop. Love the sales ads the ECB and the friendly staff.

  46. flor cantu says:

    I LOVE CVS!!! Im always able to save tons of money on products we use daily, and Im able to share with family and friends. CVS ROCKS!!! OH and about the thing that was not quite right, is it the fish in the fishbowl???? Last time i checked, they dont sell fish at cvs, or at least mine doesnt:)

  47. carol says:

    I love the ECB's! I'll make a guess and say the age of your son isn't right?

  48. Andrea L. says:

    I just started couponing and shopping at CVS! I love it! Also the interested thing about your family is either your daughter is not girly or your son moved out not in with you to go to school :) Thanks!

  49. AmyK says:

    I love CVS and Extra Care Bucks. You can get such awesome deals…I didn't see anything too odd other that your 21 yr old just moved back (not very odd…haha) and that you were the family wild one :)

  50. carolyn stell says:

    love love love the pharmacy – best one in town

  51. Mike Franco says:

    Part II, The video showed the friendly people that approached you with all their ideas and made you feel welcomed.

  52. Mike Franco says:

    CVS is not the only thing I love, its the employees as well, it was just amazing on the courtesy approach from the entrance to the door all the way to the exit. It assist me in finding all my items. I visit CVS every week to obtain medicine for an elderly relative and stack up on ECB while I enjoy shopping.

  53. Sharla G says:

    I love CVS because I love finding the best deals with ECBs combined with coupons!!!

  54. Linda says:

    I don't know your family, But my guess is that either your daughter is not a 'girly-girl', or your son moved out, not in. I like the convenience of CVS.

  55. Regina D says:

    i love cvs because they are halping me with gifts for my Christmas Wish ANGELS WE ADOPTED.

  56. Brooklyn Nelson says:

    CVS is ALWAYS my FIRST stop on my weekly shopping trip. The money that I save allows me to buy more grocery items for my family and in return WE as a family DONATE our extra items each week to CCA rather than stock pile!

  57. Teresa says:

    I love CVS because I can find what I need at a convenient location no matter where I am about town!

  58. Heather says:

    I love CVS because they don't make saving money complicated like certain other drug storess!!!!

  59. yeni says:

    I love CVS because the cashier are nice and friendly

  60. jill c says:

    I don't think your son is 21 but I totally believe that your daughter is a girly girl, just like mine!!

  61. jill c says:

    I love CVS because of all the good deals you find for us.

  62. Jerel says:

    I love when they have clearence sales-the prices are great.

  63. Hyman says:

    I always go for the great sales.

  64. Wanda says:

    I love the extra bucks.

  65. Jessica says:

    I love CVS because I get a lot for my money!

  66. edith fernandez says:

    i love shopping and save in my cvs!!!!

  67. erika says:

    Love there ExtraBucks deals!!!

  68. Geneva says:

    I love CVS… I can shop while I wait for my meds and you can't beat the deals they have when you stack plus their ECB.

  69. liz says:

    I love the ECB!

  70. Tracy V. says:

    CVS feels like my home away from home,,, I go to CVS everyday to scan my card in the magic machine. I have made good friendships with most of the cashiers and managers this way.

  71. Debbie Maness says:

    Love CVS could not really see what was odd other than you mentioning the son that just moved in and getting a gift card

  72. Tanya says:

    I love the extra bucks and can't wait till January to get the 4% back.

  73. MelissaD says:

    Love the inexpensive items that really make my dollar stretch!

  74. latanya says:

    I love CVS for their great deals and their ECB. Plus, they have locations everywhere!

  75. Gabriela says:

    I watched the video, I noticed Santa looked kind of "real" lol I love CVS because they have the best stocking stuffers.

  76. AlexP says:

    I need more gifts.CVS helps a lot with last minute gifts.

  77. Lynn says:

    Great deals to be had at CVS!!!

  78. Susana Garcia says:

    My Favorite store – CVS!!! <3

  79. Wendy Barber says:

    I love CVS and the great deals to be had, the ECB's are awesome! I can stay in the store for hours just looking at everything!

  80. Mimi J. says:

    CVS rocks because they always have great sales on household items in addition to their pharmacy products….it's like a one stop shop!!

  81. Debby says:

    I like CVS because you can stack coupons, get lots of great stuff at very good prices and the clerks are always so nice and patient with me.

  82. lori says:

    CVS – it's my mother ship!

  83. texasgal79 says:

    I love all the great deals and of course the ECB's!

  84. Kapil Chaudhary says:

    I love CVS because It take care of my health.

  85. Lisa says:

    I love CVS because they always have great customer service and awesome deals!

  86. Genice May says:

    I love CVS because it is a one stop shop for me and my family. The customer service is great and and the great deals are just icing on the cake!!!!

  87. Rochelle says:

    I love CVS! Great deals – and I love the extra bucks and the "magic" coupon machine!!

  88. giantsis says:

    They are always so clean and bright – it makes me want to wander around! Plus, I know I'll find goo deals!

  89. Patti Swearingen says:

    CVS is great! All the great shopping things you mentioned in the video, plus the pharmacy for last minute prescriptions.

  90. Hilary says:

    I love the ECBs! Great deals every week & the customer service at my store is wonderful!

  91. alna78 says:

    hello i want to win Merry Christmas!

  92. Maryellen D says:

    I love CVS because of the deals you find. Plus they are close to my house.