(Ended) GIVEAWAY: $25 RaceTrac Gift Card + Gift Basket

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 at 1:25 pm

RaceTrac has just announced their Crazy Good Coffee campaign! Every guest come comes in RaceTrac the week of December 16th will get a FREE COFFEE, no coupon needed!

RaceTrac’s Crazy Good Coffee offering includes a line-up of six blends of fresh brewed coffee, including 100% Colombian Roast, Dark Roast, Hazelnut, Extra Caffeinated and more, brewed fresh 24/7.

We’d love to give one of our MyDFWMommy readers a RaceTrac gift basket in honor of FREE COFFEE week! This basket will include two branded mugs, coupons to use once Free Week has come and gone, and a $25 RaceTrac gift card! To enter, leave a comment telling us what you LOVE about RaceTrac!

We’ll announce a winner on 12/23!

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120 Responses to “(Ended) GIVEAWAY: $25 RaceTrac Gift Card + Gift Basket”

  1. likwan says:

    I like the fountain drinks.

  2. Yuki says:

    Gas prices, location, and the beverage bar is awesome!

  3. Michelle says:

    free coffee week :)

  4. Sarah says:

    I love race track because they have good gas prices

  5. csearles says:

    I love that my Race-Trac is nestled right in the middle of the area where I do my grocery shopping!!!

  6. Debbie Maness says:

    they usually have the cheapest gas

  7. SPA says:

    Love Race Trac!!

  8. Kim A. says:

    The gas prices are the best!

  9. Jeanetta H. says:

    I love the gas prices!

  10. robbie says:

    I always receive wonderful customer service at Racetrac, one of the reasons I’m a frequent customer!

  11. diana carrillo says:


  12. Cliff A says:

    Thanks…I get my gas there!!!!

  13. DEBBIE says:

    okay…I can.t remember if I have entered this contst or not..
    I go to RAC TRAC often because its very close to my apt.
    I always call tor the surveys on the receipts becaue if you do you get a FREE BREAKFAST PASTRY.

  14. Yesenia Nieto says:

    Race Trac always has low prices on gas and is well lit!

  15. Barry says:

    I love that Race Trac has so many convenient locations.

  16. Alice says:

    Hate to buy gasoline, but they are always the cheapest. They have very friendly people working at the counter.

  17. Don says:

    Always have good drink specials!

  18. Venus C says:

    I love the convenience!

  19. Jennifer says:

    Fountain drinks and cappuccino! So convenient and staff always friendly. Yay Racetrac!

  20. liz says:

    My husband can sure use it in the mornings when he gets up real early for work. Nice pre-Christmas gift!

  21. Andrea says:

    I love their coffee and the fact that they are open 24 hours. Its nice for someone that needs to be at work at 5 am. And the staff is soo nice.

  22. Melissa says:

    I love racetracs gas prices and HOTDOGS Yummy :)

  23. Michelle says:

    We have a new RaceTrac in my little hometown and we love it! Ours even has a frozen yogurt bar! Great gas prices too!

  24. Margaret says:

    Best gas prices in town! Great drink selection! What more can you want?

  25. Oanh says:

    I love their drink selection!

  26. Jillian K says:

    the mini marshmallows!

  27. Lara says:

    Sodapalooza in the summer is a great family treat!

  28. Paul T/Pauline T says:

    loved their hot dog [2 for 2.22] and their special on coffees and fountain drinks—– Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran ….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  29. mainstreet8 says:

    I love the coffee. Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. Gabriela says:

    I love the good gas prices and locations.

  31. Marla Coy says:

    Love their coffee!!!

  32. Stacey B says:

    I love that they usually have the cheapest gas!

  33. Taylor Aguilar says:

    I love Racetrac because they always have the lowest priced gas where we live and of course they have awesome coffee!

  34. Cindy B. says:

    I've always loved the coffee at Race Trac…& I remember them being pioneers (at least in my area) in offering the many different types of coffee, creamers, etc…followed, of course, by capuccino, lattes. & all the "wonderful world of coffee"..plus a great selection of fountain drinks..They are simply the best!! Of course, what originally led me into Race Trac was the great gas prices…so that is another high mark for Race Trac!! Finally, must also commend Race Trac for having the absolute best employees..over the years I can only remember one employee who didn't go out of their way to be extremely helpful..& I might add that on my next visit, this particular employee was no longer an employee of Race Trac..Just a major fan of Race Trac all the way around!!

  35. Michelle P says:

    Friendly employees, clean restrooms and great prices!

  36. Melanie Royer says:

    Racetrac is a lifesaver. I can get gas, coffee and pick up anything I forgot and be back on the road in minutes.

  37. Hilary says:

    I love the selection of coffee & breakfast foods – the prices are great, too!

  38. Kelly says:

    Love that everyone in the family can pick out a treat at RaceTrac!

  39. Jennifer says:

    Their great gas prices.

  40. Karen says:

    cheap gas prices!

  41. Amy says:

    Their gas is low.

  42. Trajea S says:

    I love that everywhere you look you can find a RaceTrac and I love that when you go in, you can find just about anything. Their coffee buffet is also one of their biggest assets. I can get what I want and use any of the condiments without feeling like I'm being watched. The staff is always friendly and most of all, I'm always able to get in and get out!!!

  43. Cindy says:


  44. Nelly G. says:

    Race trac always has the best gas prices!! The great offers they have on their drinks, etc. are a bonus!

  45. Don B says:

    What's not to love…Race Trac is awesome. Our new Race Trac even has a frozen yogurt bar. Rock on Race Track!

  46. wanda says:

    I love how quick it is to get in and out

  47. paul h says:

    love their ready to eat quesadillas!

  48. liz says:

    Love all the flavors!

  49. Sandra H says:

    love their fountain drinks !

  50. Jerel says:

    I don't love having to buy gas but if you have to it is nice to go where employees are friendly and nice.

  51. Hyman says:

    I like buying my gas there,I go so often the manager sometimes gives candy to my daughter,which she loves.

  52. Wanda says:

    I love the white chocolate caramel cappuccino.

  53. Cyndi says:

    Coffee, gas, quick snacks and more. RaceTrac rocks.

  54. Barbara Omlor says:

    I like their low gas prices and especially their caffeine free diet coke fountain drinks.

  55. Amanda W says:

    I love how I can get in and out quickly! Thanks!

  56. Tasha says:

    I love their breakfast taquitos!

  57. Gheri Hicks says:

    I like the large cups of soda. I've never gotten coffee from there before but will be stopping by next week. Thanks!!!

  58. Becky C says:

    They have the best gas prices in my area.

  59. Debra says:

    I love how clean it is. They do a really good job with that

  60. Teresa says:

    Their gasoline is cheaper than almost all the gas stations in my area. It is easy to get in and get out in a hurry. I like their drink station and in the summer, they have drinks 49 cents! you can't beat that!

  61. Shannon Tate says:

    Super friendly people, the one I go to always remember my name. Their coffee is the bomb also. I made them cookies last year and gave them a card because their customer service is outstanding.

  62. Tammy says:

    Race Trac has the best gas prices, great coffee and outstanding summer deals on drinks and snacks! Plus, I always receive fast and friendly customer service at our neighborhood stores. Thanks Race Trac for catering to those of us who live on a budget!!

  63. Nancy says:

    the coffee is very good especially with all the different flavor u can put in it.

  64. Jacque says:

    I love the low gas prices!!

  65. Letha says:

    Cheap gas prices! :)

  66. Courtney says:

    Good coffee!

  67. debbie says:

    The folks that work at the RaceTrac on Lake Forest in McKinney are awesome. They are so friendly and always have a smile on their faces. Love the coffee too!

  68. Stacy says:

    I like the big selection of fountain drinks and slushes. And that they have lots of pumps!

  69. christine says:

    their gas prices, of course!

  70. Ellie W says:

    I love their hot dogs and fountain drinks.

  71. Linda says:

    The employees at "my" Racetrac are the best!

  72. Steph Stambaugh says:

    Their Coffee is so GOOD!

  73. Michael L Gregorash says:

    Their prices are always good, the staff there is EXTREMELY friendly, the pumps are well lit at night, and you just feel welcomed when you are there!

  74. plano dad says:

    love their snack area where u can purchase something to feed your munchies

  75. Lo77 says:

    Cheapest gas in town!

  76. Denise says:

    Race Trac is my one stop shop. I can get gas, coffee and a donut and head to work. This would be super to win.

  77. DEBBIE PENA says:

    I love RAC TRAC because they have many locations and their prices are AWESOME.

  78. CHIOMA D says:


  79. Patrick Simmonds says:

    RaceTrac always has the best customer service and always well stocked!!

  80. Shannon says:

    Love coffee!!! and Race Trac

  81. Elizabeth says:

    Their convienance! Well and the drinks :)

  82. Shawna Morley says:

    There is something about their soda from the fountain that is greatness!

  83. Helen says:

    Their gas prices are competitive and they have many locations all over DFW.

  84. April H. says:

    I enjoy all the different favors you can add to your coffee.

  85. autumn says:

    I love that it is a friendly enviroment! They have great coffee!

  86. Kimberly Kirby says:

    Any location any time is great customer service with a friendly smile and greeting when you walk in the door!

  87. Teresa says:

    I love that RaceTrac is conveniently located and has great gas prices. I don't need to go anywhere else!

  88. carolyn stell says:

    I love RaceTrac for their great gas prices!!

  89. Melvin says:

    The Customer Service is great and the gas prices are better then most places.

  90. Batecia says:

    I love the crushed ice and the coupons that come in the RaceTrac Insiders email.

  91. sawvc says:

    Ractrac employees are always friendly and courtesy. The stores are clean, well lit and the products are always fresh no matter what time of day or night. Racetrac gas prices are always leading the race for cheap prices for gas!

  92. Debbie says:


  93. Karen Sunshine says:

    Their gas prices are very good and I really enjoy their coffee more than other pricey coffee places. Racetrack Rocks!

  94. Laurie says:

    RaceTrac is on my way to work and I love their breakfast selections and variety of drinks and fast checkout!

  95. Erin says:

    I love the gas prices as they are the cheapest in my part of town!

  96. Brandy Fisher says:

    i love the coffee:))))<3

  97. Paula says:

    I am addicted to race trac cappuccino. My friend and I take 2 buses everyday just for me to get a cup. Plus we have gotten to know the manager and get amazing customer service.

  98. susan says:

    1st of all, they have the best gas prices in town!!!!!! AND the selection of coffee flavors and fountain drinks are outrgeously vast, YEAH!!!!!

  99. kristin says:

    I love that you can spot them a mile away and go knowing you got a great deal on gas!

  100. helen says:

    convenience trumps!

  101. bjb says:

    Their fountain drinks are always mixed well and taste good.

  102. sjohn says:

    I love their prices and their monthly freebie.

  103. Heather Glover says:

    Love the Nathan's hotdogs on the roller gril, and of course the COFFEE!!!!!!!!

  104. maria R says:

    I have stopped at Race Trac to buy coffee before and have been given free coffee on a couple of stops. I"m guessing its something they do from time to time. Because of that I think they're awesome!

  105. Regina D says:

    I love how cheap their gas is

  106. jackie says:

    I love the Customer service that they offer, and they are very generous

  107. Elizabeth says:

    My kids and I love the selction of beverages!! Makes everyone a happy camper!

  108. Stacy R says:

    I love that RaceTrac is usually right around the corner where ever you are. The new ones are clean and like the drink machines.

  109. Elizabeth says:

    My kids and I love the selection of drinks. Makes everyone happy!!!!

  110. Keith A says:

    RaceTrac has always been my go to place for gas, and they serve up some awesome java to boot!

  111. Sheri says:

    Love the drink specials in the summer…and now the free coffee!

  112. Lizbeth says:

    Actually, their coffee really IS crazy good!!!

  113. yeni says:

    I love their drink selections

  114. Vicky says:

    I love their convenient locations!

  115. Winona Atkison says:

    Love their great fuel prices!

  116. Jennifer Lewis says:

    I love their fountain drinks and how easy it is to get in and out of their stores.

  117. heatherjilayne says:

    The coffee!

  118. Jeannette Hanna says:

    RaceTrac always has good gas prices, and I could always find one of their gas stations anywhere I go.

  119. Yanira says:

    open 24 hours! :)

  120. giantsis says:

    I love their good prices and how brightly lit their locations are!