GIVEAWAY: $50 Walmart Gift Card ~ #WalmartWishes

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 at 12:10 pm

This made my heart warm – I personally love this game and I highly recommend it. I played it at the LEGO convention and it’s addicting – in a good way! Great problem solving/puzzle game.

My children were very vague this year when it came to what the wanted for Christmas. I got this answer: LEGOS, Angry Birds, Minecraft and Justin Bieber. That’s it.  Most of my shopping is done online, however, when I leave my cave (a.k.a.  office), I like to venture out and see and touch what’s out there…and talk to people. I LOVE to talk! :) Walmart gave me a $50 gift card and I got to go out and explore the toy section!

LEGO sets – Monster Fighters, Ninjago, Minecraft – they love them ALL!

I’m sure you already know that Walmart has some of the best deals on toys around (as witnessed by our daily postings of Walmart holiday deals – that darn Fijit is hard to catch in stock, but at $15, awesome deal!)

This Angry Birds Bop Bag cracked me up – my daughter has been asking for a punching bag for a year (yes, a REAL one) – maybe an Angry Bags Bop Bag would make her happy? :)

We’d love to give one of our MyDFWMommy readers a $50 gift card so you can cross some items off your child’s wish list! Leave a comment below and let us know what’s the #1 item on your child’s holiday wish list! We’ll announce a winner on Monday, 12/10!

We’d love to know what is on your child’s wish list! You can share images/videos/pins on Pinterest and Twitter using the hashtags #WalmartWishes & @Walmart.

My daughter wanted Justin Bieber…she can decorate ANYTHING with Justin Bieber Duck Tape! Love it!

Here are some helpful links for your holiday needs:

Walmart’s Hot Toy List
Walmart’s Layaway Facebook
Toyland Tuesday Facebook album

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Walmart via Cohn & Wolfe. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Walmart.

113 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: $50 Walmart Gift Card ~ #WalmartWishes”

  1. kara says:

    my son wants legos!

  2. Ken Ohl says:

    Disney Princess anything

  3. Alice says:

    Our kiddos are asking foe walkie talkies this year.

  4. Wilson says:

    Thomas the Train. He loves Thomas and Friends!

  5. katie says:

    my daughters want a cabbage patch doll and stuffed animals

  6. Jeanetta H. says:

    The main toy on my daughter's list is a tablet. The $50 gift card would help me to purchase it for her. Thanks.

  7. Kim A. says:

    The #1 toy my boys want are Nintendo Dsi. Every year they ask and I haven't been able to buy it. Fortunately my mom & I was able to purchase one we just need another one the gift card would help us purchase the second Dsi. I'm praying I win. Thanks for the awesome chance.

  8. Janet says:

    My grandson says that he has to have lego ninjago

  9. trish says:

    my son keeps asking for lego city toys.

  10. Karen says:

    My daughter wanted anything vera bradley. I love legos and would love to try the life of george game. Thanks.

  11. Sonjag3 says:

    My daughther wants a phone and my son wants Bagukan toys.

  12. kristen t says:

    my kids love angry birds too, they just want more board games, and more lalaloopsy dolls and batman

  13. Regina D says:

    lalaoopsy and monster high dolls

  14. Teresa says:

    My daughter is begging for an Easy Bake oven.

  15. Stefanie Gladden says:

    she wants Dance Central for the wii!!

  16. Kim K says:

    My 4 year old daughter says she must absolutely have a Doodle Bear.

  17. Debbie says:

    My son is wanting anything bat man especially psp lego games

  18. latanya says:

    my son loves anything and everything that has to do with angry birds

  19. Denise says:

    This would be great to donate to the Toys for Tots Toy drive they are having in Allen on December 13th at The Allen Event Center.

  20. Tam C says:

    I have 5 grandchildren and they all have their own iPods, I'd love to get them each an iTunes card.

  21. jill c says:

    My daughter wants a hamster!!

  22. Elizabeth K says:

    My oldest son wants a cello for Christmas! Where he got that from, I'll never know! But I love his enthusiasm!

  23. Megan Jones says:

    My son wants a captain america!

  24. LaLaLoLa says:

    My kids wanted bikes for christmas and this would really help with the cost! Thanks My DFW Mommy!!

  25. Gabriela says:

    My son's #1 request on his Christmas list is the Avengers Legos.

  26. Dottie says:

    My grandsons are wanting some board games, as they are 9 and 13 I find this awesome as they play alone so much on game boys…they are wanting to be able to play games with me with my upcoming double knee surgery…I thought this was so sweet until I PRICED board games !! I was in shock!….this NONNA has not kept up with those prices. LOL

  27. wanda says:

    I would like to get my granddaughter a wagon

  28. melissa says:

    My baby girl loves anything Lego that is what I will be having at the top of my list.

  29. Leland says:

    Anything with a choo-choo. Or Spi-man.

  30. diana carrillo says:

    xbox games, a bike, and angry birds stuff.

  31. Nicole H says:

    My 3 year old has asked for everything!!! He doesn't quite understand how wish lists work yet-but it's so exciting to see the excitement and joy in those innocent little eyes as we make out our lists and buy gifts for others :)

  32. Erin Collins says:

    Video games, of course ;)

  33. Jen says:

    My sons love ps3 games, or nintendo ds games

  34. Catherine says:


  35. crhone84 says:

    My son (age 2) wants the red ninja turtle and my daughter (age 5) wants a barbie

  36. Hyman says:

    A puppy,monster high dolls,and barbies.

  37. Jerel says:

    Video games are always on the top of the list.

  38. Wanda says:

    My granddaughter wants Barbie Dreamhouse

  39. April H. says:

    My 11yo girl wants books and bakeable clay; my 6yo girl wants a bike and books.

  40. Amanda W says:

    A bike…seems like that's their favorite thing to ask for…they do it every year.

  41. Eva A says:

    Baby dolls! and accessories, stroller, baby bottle, etc…

  42. Teresa says:

    My kids were also vague: something Star Wars & Lightening McQueen.

  43. Maca says:

    My son likes to let "Santa pick" because he makes all the toys and knows which one my son would like best!

  44. Julia says:

    My son loves angry birds! DD would love some barbies!

  45. Taylor A. says:

    My son is dying for a hot wheels wall track!

  46. Linda says:

    My son just got a job today (yeah!!!) so he says he just wants clothes and some steel toed work boots. This would be a great way to get him a few things he needs to make his first week at his new job easier. thanks for all the giveaways, have a great day!

  47. Cindy says:

    Wii Just Dance 4

  48. Karen R says:

    Legos and Barbies

  49. Val says:

    Any video game.

  50. christine says:

    fisa soccer 13 for xbox 360

  51. sandra says:

    My daughter wants a new IPOD touch(shrieks). Her is the 2nd Gen. So yesterday.

  52. Roz says:

    My nephew is Lego crazy & $50 would buy him a cool set–TY

  53. Ursula says:

    My grandson would like a submarine for the bathtub and my granddaughter would like a stick horse that neighs!

  54. amber says:

    my neice wants Disney princess movies

  55. Yanira says:

    my boys love anything cars! my older one loves mcqueen and the younger one loves mater! :) im planning on getting the leap pad 2, so i would love to buy the cars cartridge if i win!

  56. elisa ibarra says:

    I have three children, top of the list for my 7 yr old is anything Hello Kitty, for my 3 yr old top of his wish list is anything with trains, now my baby is 10 months old so I guessing anything he can chew on :).

  57. rocio says:

    My daughter wants a FURBY soooo bad!!! I think they are too expensive but Santa can get it for her. My 2 year old wants everything princesses and my son wants cloths.

  58. cheryl says:

    My son and his girlfriend are getting married soon and have a baby on the way. So on his wishlist is anything for baby and Walmart is the best place for buying that. We'd include a toy or two in the purchases I'm sure.

  59. Keith says:

    It's a Furby … I hear it over and over … how retro is that?

  60. Katie says:

    My 4-year old wants a bunny, sad to say, it's not going to happen :(

  61. Tanya Phelps says:

    My daughter wanted the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.

  62. Ellie W says:

    #1 on my grandson's list is a Nerf gun with a scope on it.

  63. Hippie4ever says:

    My son wants the Imaginext eagle talon castle and Annie and Clarabel..

  64. Nicole says:

    My Daughter wants a disney castle -shes in love with Belle, My son wants a Satalite???!! Both are 3! Not sure what to do with a satalite???

  65. MelissaD says:

    My daughter is dying for some skinny white jeans!

  66. Renee D says:

    Our 3 year old wants a pink princess bicycle for Christmas

  67. Mami2jcn says:

    My daughter wants the Baby Butterscotch Pony desperately!

  68. Janice says:

    My daughter wants an iPod touch

  69. Cristy Garza says:

    My older daughter wants the One Direction dolls (look like a bunch of ken dolls), my younger daughter wants bubbles. :)

  70. Debbie says:

    My son wants an iPad.

  71. Ael2007 says:

    My daughter would love a Kindle!!

  72. Tammy says:

    My son's TOP request Xbox Live 12 month membership! My daughter's TOP request changes every week ;) This week she wants a replica of Titanic Heart necklace :)

  73. Emily D says:


  74. Melvin says:

    Our granddaughter likes pedal toys

  75. Elena says:

    Nintendo 3DS

  76. Hilary says:

    My 6 year old son wants football helmets. We won't let him actually play until he gets older, but he loves to pretend. has the helmet/jersey sets for so many teams! Most seem to be around $25 – great deal!

  77. Linda R. says:

    My 5 year old is hoping for a baby sister….but until then, he would be happy with legos or a new video game. My 2 year old would go crazy for the Little Tikes Cozy Truck. Thanks so much!

  78. tcarolinep says:

    DDs want doll houses.

  79. Tasha says:

    Anything Mickey Mouse!

  80. Sarah says:

    My son wants a green bike. It will be his first bike!

  81. carolyn stell says:

    My kids are just like you. My oldest daughter wants anything American Girl related. My son wants anything to do with pirates. And my youngest daughter wants anything horses.

  82. Ann says:

    My 1-year old son loves cars, any kind and any brand!

  83. Erin says:

    My daughter's list includes barbie as #1 item!

  84. meghann says:

    remote control helicopter!

  85. Kelly D says:

    My son wants the Lego Airplane set and my daughter wants Hello Kitty clothing and jewelry.

  86. Cindy A. says:

    One son wants his very own Minecraft membership (which you can buy a gift card for at wal-mart) or a wireless microphone and the other wants Civilization 4 (which you can also buy at walmart online and have shipped free to a store). :)

  87. Oanh says:

    My son is wanting the Skylanders Giants Wii Game for Christmas.

  88. Rachel says:

    My sons list includes video games, board games, a football & a itunes giftcard!

  89. liz says:

    My son likes any type of car toy

  90. tess says:

    my sons top item is a spiderman we shooter and my daughter said she wants lots of baby dolls
    tcogbill at live dot com

  91. Abby Rivera says:

    My boys want anything train related! Thomas is definitely their favorite!

  92. Lawana says:

    My son want PSP Vista, not many deals on that item.

  93. Don B says:

    My oldest girl wanted a tablet, middle son wanted Lego Lord of the Rings Wii game, youngest son wanted Legos and games.

  94. Texaswags says:

    My 6 year old daughter would like some clothes for her doll, my 8 year old daughter would like a camera, and my 10 year old son would like the new Guinness Book of World Records. I think Walmart has them all! :O)

  95. BuckeyeInTex says:

    My daughter wants a Furby!

  96. Kim White says:

    Ninja Turtle or Power Rangers.

  97. giantsis says:

    A Baby Alive!
    wilburnnewsome atyahoodotcom

  98. ~jacque says:

    Number 1 on my daughter's wish list was an IPad and Zebra Bobs!!!

  99. DBW says:

    My son wants a bike and anything beyblades!

  100. csearles says:

    MINECARFT is at the top of my son's Christmas list and Barbies are at the top of my daughter's list.

  101. Ashley S. says:

    Both of my children want either an Innotab or a LeapPad. I surely wouldn't mind adding a few dollars more to make them happy. Thanks in advance!

  102. Karen Owens says:


  103. Debra says:

    On my children's wish list is the hope that they have enough money to buy the gifts my grand kids want this year. Grandma(me) is doing everything she can to make that happen. Thanks to your site and others I am helping my daughters save tons of money on toys. So even though my kids are grown, they still have Christmas wishes. Thank you for all you do for us!

  104. Brandy says:

    My little dude is just 14 months old so he can't really tell me. I would, however, love to be able to buy toys and clothes for a baby girl that was just born to a young mother that has very little. I am a single mom myself, so there is only so much I can do and $50 would be amazing for this Holiday :). Thanks for the chance.

  105. T S says:

    The only thing my son wants for Christmas is a video game, but they are so expensive!

  106. Heather Klos says:

    My daughter would love a bike for Christmas!

  107. Raul says:

    DS really wants a new Lego City … wish those would come down on price :(

  108. Talea Abron says:

    My 8 year old daughter wants a Furby.

  109. autumn says:

    My twin grandsons want a " mud Buggy" ( a big truck )

  110. Lesya says:

    The top item on my daughters list is a bike, and my son a telescope.

  111. karen says:

    My son loves Angry Bird apps….so anything Angry Birds…Thanks!