You Have Additional Income!

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Monday, January 28th, 2013 at 10:30 am

milkOne of our readers has started a new website that is really cool!  Check out!

Mey has done work for class action administrators.  It occurred to her that for most people it is really hard to understand class actions and even more difficult to find the pages to file their claims. An average consumer is a member of at least five class actions every year, this represents from $10 to $200 of additional income coming your way for simply filing small three minute forms.

Mey say there is a Neutrogena Naturals and an Amazon class actions coming out in the next few weeks. Currently most families qualify for the organic milk class action and some for the ACT mouthwash and Sketchers shoes.

Mey is only loading the cases that apply to average consumers and generally don’t require a receipt or a ton of time completing the forms.


5 Responses to “ You Have Additional Income!”

  1. Laura Sands says:

    It worked earlier, but I needed to come back & do one more, and now I also get a page with symbols on it.

  2. mey says:

    Hi Carrie, if you are using explorer please do a hard refresh. That should resolve the problem. If you are still having issues please shoot me a quick note at meyling dot lau at gmail

  3. Inez C says:

    I just tried it also and I'm just getting symbols.

  4. carrie says:

    the link takes me to a page of symbols