Shop Local – Hot Offers + $700 Gift Basket Giveaway!

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 at 10:05 am




gift4For every $100 spent in locally owned independent stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll and other expenditures. And if half the employed population spent $50 each month in locally owned independent businesses, it would generate more than $42.6 billion in revenue. Plus, let’s face it… you can find some really cool and unique items!

Fort Worth for Women (FOWO) is a network of female retailers who mentor each other through the ups and downs of owning a small business. The group also promotes the principles of shopping locally and keeping as much of your dollar in the community as possible.

To learn more about FOWO’s mission, go here!

In honor of shopping local, MyDFWMommy is offering agift basket includes the following: (Total Value — $709.85)

A $250 gift certificate to Karyn Kelbaugh Photography, good for a free custom session. Customers who mention “My DFW Mommy” can get a free mobile album app valued at $99 with images from their session. (

A pair of sterling silver cuff links featuring the Texas State Seal ($350 value), from Lisa McConnell Jewelry Designs. Anyone who mention “My DFW Mommy” can save 20% off on repairs. (

A Corckcicle ($24.95 value) from Scentimentals. Oprah named this one of her “Favorite Things” for 2012! The Corkcicle keeps your wine chilled to the perfect temperature, and creates a beautiful presentation. Customers who mention “My DFW Mommy” can save 10% on their purchase. (

Wool coasters ($34.95 value) and an acrylic cuff ($49.95 value) from Inside Out Designs. The ingenious coasters absorb drips from your drinking glass, and the cuff is a timeless piece of jewelry that will look smashing with anything casual or dressy. Both items can be personalized with monogramming. (

To enter the giveaway, tell us about your favorite place to shop local or why you believe in shopping local!  A winner will be chosen on January 9th!  Good luck and take advantage of the great discounts being offered!


44 Responses to “Shop Local – Hot Offers + $700 Gift Basket Giveaway!”

  1. debbie pena says:

    …go on a WEEKEND GETAWAY like to the casino or to VISIT MY SISTERS IN HOUSTON …….

  2. likwan says:

    I believe in shopping local because it's important to support your local economy.

  3. Kimberly says:

    I like to shop locally to support my community and because you can find unique items!

  4. Scott Shepherd says:

    I run a faith-based non-profit and so I understand what it is like to be a self-employed owner. I like to shop at small Christian-owned stores like Holy Grounds in downtown Grapevine.

  5. Lee Sinclair says:

    I think it is important to support local entrepreneurs, even those tied to larger companies like Mary Kay. By supporting my neighborhood Mary Kay lady or the next door neighbor that sells Avon or Tupperware, I'm helping a friend, the economy and much more.

  6. Ann Black says:

    My favorite places to shop are almost always the small local places, where I find unique and different gifts and items for my home & family. I especially like small, local bakeries & delis. I LOVE Elke's in Allen!

  7. Laura Shepherd says:

    Shopping local is key for a healthy economy. We love to shop at the local Farmer's Market which offers locally grown produce. It is fresher and healthier for my family and many are organically grown too.

  8. Mom to 2 cute says:

    love shope local like Coppell farmers market, knowing i get fresh produce and money goes for good cause, makes it even better

  9. patricia says:

    i love eatting at 369 bbq..its a family owned restaurant and its delicious

  10. Sara Kshin says:

    Shopping local helps keep my community beautiful and diverse. There is something to be said about living in a neighborhood that doesn't look exactly like every other with the same chain restaurants and stores. Who doesn't love living in a neighborhood that has its own flair? I love directing visitors to nearby stores where they can find unique items that you just can't get at a big box store. And talk about customer service! Local store owners usually have a special interest and connection with the area they chose to start business, and you will find that reflected in how they treat their customers. My favorite local store is Bess & Evie's Vintage in Fort Worth. I promise you, if you go in looking for that perfect vintage piece you will always come out with the perfect item and will feel as if you were shopping with your best girl friends.

  11. Yuki says:

    Besides all of the local restaurants we love, Holidaze and Gifts in Plano has to be one of my favorite stores in DFW!

  12. kara says:

    I love shopping at Groovy's in Rockwall. Their clothes are unique and fashionable and they have great sales!

  13. Tasha says:

    One of my favorite places to shop is the local thrift store in Allen. You can find great deals, and all the money goes directly to the community and people in need.

  14. Ken Ohl says:

    I love our local shops like the Brown Bag and Island Pursuit we also visit our local family owned restaurants we enjoy shopping local. Thankyou, Ken

  15. Sundi says:

    We love visiting the Art Barn in Joshua! A cute local shop that sells pottery and art supplies and gives art and craft classes.

  16. Shannon says:

    I was just in San Antonio and we stopped at a local Mom and Pop popcorn store. I was talking with the owners and they just opened in April and they were doing great. I explained to my kids how that is the American Dream and how awesome it is to live in a place where everyone has these type of opportunities!!!

  17. Debbie Maness says:

    I like to shop locally because of convienience and because I like to support our local merchants

  18. Paul T/Pauline T says:

    I believe in shopping locally because it boosts the local economy plus it helps strengthen the community —– Paul T/Pauline T aka Paol Trenny ….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  19. Tanya Phelps says:

    My favorite place to shop is Groovy's in Rockwall. I love to buy local when I can!

  20. Plano Mom says:

    I love to shop at many local places even for big ticket items like Rodenbaugh's for appliances. Their knowledge and service beats the chain stores every time! Buying local helps us all!

  21. Coupda says:

    I am always on the lookout for locally owned shops and especially women owned shops to keep some diverstiy in our neighborhoods. I have to get some jewelry appraised for insurance and have asked around and have gotten good recommendation for Beasley's Fine Jewelry in Lewisville. The cuff from Inside Out Designs is adorable!

  22. Casey says:

    I love going to Dude Sweet in the Bishop Arts District. It's just such a different experience shopping and eating locally. The Dallas Farmers Market is a great place to buy local fruits and veggies and the taste cannot be beat!

  23. Jennifer hodges says:

    I love to shop at any of the boutiques or antique shops on the downtown square in McKinney.

  24. cheryl says:

    I love to shop at Googly Eyes in Irving. It is a small craft shop. They have personable employees and offer lessons and lots of ideas. I admire small business owners giving it their all and I shop local every chance I get.

  25. Sarah says:

    I love to eat at local restaurants near our home, there aren't many, but we hope that more businesses will come our way when these local places are utilized more often.

  26. Ellie W says:

    There is a little mom and pop restaurant near my house that has the best Mexican food. It's called Nena's. Great food!

  27. Denise says:

    There is a toy store called Toys Unique that have things that are different and make nice gifts. We also have a place called Sand Dollar Lifestyles and The Elegant Door. You can find really neat things that seem to be one of a kind and the people make you feel special when you shop. They know your name and call you when something new comes in. I love taking my friends to these places when they come to visit.

  28. Amy Lytle says:

    I buy local at the mom and pop family stores! They carry unique gifts that the big chains cant touch ….we want to keep those business by keeping our money local :)

  29. Carolyn G says:

    There is a local wine shop called Papou's where I live and we shop there all the time.

  30. amy d says:

    I shop local at the yummy Popcorn Papa! Don't have to pay shipping there!

  31. Kay says:

    I like The Shop at Lake Highlands. They have the neatest items. It is a local small business.

  32. Ryan C says:

    I love to eat at local places in Fort Worth like Benito's, Paul's Donuts, and Prima's – where you're treated like family and the food is great! We try to shop locally as well, supporting other small businesses, as they are the backbone in many neighborhoods!

  33. Cindy says:

    Shop local to buy and give back. Help your local stores stay around for you and all.

  34. Gabriela says:

    I like to buy my tortilla chips and tamales from the Dallas Tortilla Factory, they are locally owned and made and oh so great!!!

  35. brandy says:

    I love shopping, dining and supporting the local businesses. People ask me why do this when you can so easily grab something similar online and often obtain a discount code, but the answer is easy.

    By shopping and dining locally at the mom and pop places I not only build a personal bond with the business owner and am not just another # to them, but I also get to see my support first hand benefit the company as they grow more customer base and often expand to large buildings or large inventory. Then there is the additional fact that I get to see the item I am purchasing in person, hold it, look for defects and enjoy it on the spot if I so desire.

    My favorite local shops are POParellas popcorn and Sip n Savor, but there are so many I am not sure I can name them all. Local farmers markets are always great places too.

  36. Jillian says:

    I like to shop at Holy Grounds in downtown Grapevine; they have excellent coffee and Christian gifts.

  37. Erika says:

    I luv Uptown Popcorn !! Their gourmet popcorn is the best.

  38. Regina D says:

    i l i ke rosa's in murphy and i like shopping from local crafty peeps

  39. Michelle says:

    I love to shop at Canton for unique crafts and gifts!

  40. Lindy says:

    I love shopping locally because in local stores you can find unique items that you will not find in chain retailers!

  41. Cheryl B says:

    Shopping local benefits the community many many times over. Money is recycled so to speak. We like to shop at sentimentals.

  42. Becky C says:

    I enjoy going to locally owned, non-chain restaurants. The food is usually unique, yummy and FRESH!

  43. Tami says:

    I love to shop at Lola in Dallas and in Cantan for cool jewelry and accessories!!!