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How to Save on Dallas Cowboys Games

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015 at 5:00 PM
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Dallas Cowboys Stadium

How to save on Dallas Cowboys games

In Texas we do everything B-I-G!  And that includes our Dallas Cowboys!  Big HD screen, BIG indoor stadium all with a BIG price tag.  On average it would now cost a family of 4 over $500 for tickets, parking and food! WOWZA!

How can you get in on the Dallas Cowboy experience and save? Never fear, it’s possible! Below are some secrets to save on Dallas Cowboys games!

Note: There are some goodies for Cowboys fans when our team wins too!

Save on Tickets

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.56.20 AMA ticket for a Dallas Cowboys NFL game starts at $110. OUCH!

***If you’re looking for a low cost option, consider The Party Pass.  Standing room only “party pass” tickets run from $10-$52. Right now, I only found them available through Vivid Seats.  Downside…no seat.  Positive side… you can roam & explore as you please and see the game from various vantage points.

***Compare ticket brokers.  SeatGeek, Vivid Seats and Ticket Down are just a few examples.  Note: Ticket Monster & StubHub are ticket brokers that list an all-inclusive price up front, so you know immediately how much the total cost will be.  Be aware of high dollar service and shipping fees and make sure to shop and compare to get the most savings.

***Check out fan forums- you could find a super hot deal here. Many members are genuine fans that don’t want the hassle of selling and will give away tickets for the games they can’t attend.

***Wait it out.  The closer you get to game day the more prices drop, as resellers naturally would rather settle for less of a profit over no sale at all.

***Bid on Tickets at ScoreBig.


Save on Parking

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 12.05.59 PMThe cost of a Cowboys Stadium parking pass is $50- $75.  That’s almost as much as the average NFL game ticket ($87)!  You can pre-book your parking space before the game.

Other options:

***Check out apps like Spot Hero and Park Whiz to save you some extra money.

Check out some other alternatives thanks to NFL Cheapskate:

***$20-$60. The adjacent parking lot at Rangers Ballpark is the next best thing and considerably cheaper, but these can be very hard to get.

***$25. This is the going rate for downtown parking at 8 city-owned lots in Arlington. These are about 1.5 miles from AT&T Stadium so additional transportation is necessary.

***$20. Arlington Event Parking is the closest independently licensed lot (< 1 mile) and you can get a prepaid pass online for $21.50 (there is a $1.50 handling fee).

***$10. Humperdink’s Restaurant & Brewpub charges just 10 bucks for parking and shuttle service to the game. A good place to chow down before or after the event, too (3.5 stars on Yelp).

***$0 (or $8 + shuttle). The free parking and $8 Cowboys Stadium shuttle is just part of the best game day deals around courtesy of J.Gilligans.


Save on Food

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 12.10.07 PMYou can’t bring food into the stadium.  Major BUMMER.  And items you bring into the game must fit in a small clutch sized purse or fit into a clear, 1 gallon sized plastic bag, so you really can’t sneak in anything like you do at the theaters (lol!)

So the best way to save on food is eating before the game and setting a budget on what you can spend during the game.  Why pay $18 for a Kobe burger and a bottle of water at AT&T Stadium when a few bucks more will get you a rib eye steak, a beer, a parking spot, and a shuttle ride to the game at J.Gilligan’s?

Another option:  TAILGATING.  I did a whole series on ways to save on tailgating here.

Tailgating can only occur in certain parking lots, so if you plan on partaking, book a parking space in one of the following lots: 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15. Please be aware that while you can bring a gas or charcoal grill, deep fryers and open flames of any kind are not permitted.

For my family of 4 here is what we would do:

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 12.24.06 PM-4 Fast Pass Tickets- $62.95

-Park Whiz Parking Spot- $33 (I could have gone cheaper but didn’t want to have to walk further)

-Eat at home before game

-Snacks & Drinks -$60 budget

TOTAL – $155.95

Not a bad savings at all when the average is well over $500!


TeamSnap~ Sports Management App Review + Giveaway

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Monday, August 24th, 2015 at 11:30 AM
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Every once in a while, an app comes along that truly simplifies your hectic, crazy life. If you have multiple kiddos participating in multiple activities, organization of their schedules can be a nightmare!  Well, there is now an app (and website) that can take the headache out of coordinating their extracurriculars – TeamSnap!

I have actually been using this program for a couple of years now with my daughter’s soccer team so when I was asked to do a review, it was a no-brainer. Our team manager utilizes this app constantly to keep everyone in the loop on ALL aspects of our group- from schedules to rosters to payments to photo sharing and so much more! The strongest feature of TeamSnap in my opinion is it’s ability to reliably send out communications, even at the last minute.  How many times have you glossed over an email about your kid’s activities because it is lumped in with 50 other messages in your inbox?  With TeamSnap, you can send text alerts to the entire team or just select individuals making sure that they get the message when they need it!

Outside of TeamSnap’s fantastic communication features, the Schedule/Availability component gives you all the information you could want regarding team events. Each game or practice has a start time and duration, requested arrival time, a URL, notes and location which shows up as a map. And you can see who has confirmed they will attend and who is bringing refreshments. Set up reminders and export your schedule to iCal or Outlook so it’s synced up with everything else on your daily agenda!

Another extremely useful feature is the roster. Not only does it include the contact information for all the players but it also has the coach’s and manager’s phone numbers easily accessible. If you need to find a ride home for your child from the game, it is super simple to text, email or call any parent on your team.

But my favorite component of this app has to be TeamSnap Live! It allows parents and fans to get live game updates no matter where they are. Once the event has begun, a group chat is started where all members can contribute scores, play-by-play banter, photos and more.  So even if you can’t be at the game, you won’t miss a thing!


Try their FREE 21 Day trial and see what you think. I could not recommend this more- especially if you are a team manager. It will save you a ton of time and take your organization to the next level! For more information about TeamSnap, visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

Plus, leave a comment below to enter to win a TeamSnap prize package valued at $220 which includes their Ultra Yearly Plan and TeamSnap Backpack! A winner will be notified by email on August 31st.

TopGolf Shootout On 3/21~ Register Now

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015 at 2:15 PM
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Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 9.52.41 AMTee up for Topgolf’s 3rd Annual Championship Series! The TGC Shootout on Saturday, Mar. 21 at 10:00 am is a team competition consisting of two players. Each team member will play one game of Topgolf, and their two scores will be combined to get one team score. One game of TopShot Intermediate will then be played by each member, with those scores also being combined. Both team games scores will then be added together to create one final team score. Prizes will be awarded to the top 15 teams based on a full field.

Cost is $40/person and includes:

  • 2 Hours of Topgolf play
  • Tournament specific t-shirt
  • Topgolf SWAG
  • Continental breakfast
  • Free 20-minute golf lesson (TG20) with site instructor

Full tournament rules and details are available on the main TGC page. Please note that each team member will need to register.