Top 10 Best Burgers in Dallas

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Friday, August 19th, 2016 at 7:00 PM
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Top 10 Burger Joints in Dallas

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Top 10 Best Burgers in Dallas

Dallas has some incredible restaurants.  Whether you’re wanting a romantic night out with your significant other, or a fun evening with friends, you’l find exactly what you need here in Dallas.  This city offers everything from fine 5-star cuisine in a high-rise over looking the city, to authentic Tex-Mex restaurants with the best tamales you’ve ever tasted.  Here at My Dallas Mommy, we love a good burger every once in a while, so we scoped out and compiled a list of the best burgers in Dallas.  These are our favorites:

¡C Senor! Tucked away in the Bishop Arts District, you’ll find this seemingly inconspicuous old taco stand.  It’s been transformed into an eatery you definitely won’t forget, offering just 4 sandwiches, a burger, sides, and coffee.

The Burger: The Cuban Burger.  This burger will have your taste buds saying, “Olé” with the first bite.  The beef and chorizo patty is enough to impress, but they add spiced ketchup, onions, pepper jack cheese and potato strings on it.  It’s tied together on a Cuban roll for a burger you’ll want again and again.

best burgers in dallas

Grub Burger Bar On Greenville Avenue, don’t pass up Grub Burger Bar!  Although they serve a bit of everything and anything – Ahi Tuna to Greek Chicken Salad, the burgers are the best.

The Burger: The Guacapotle.  It’s much easier to eat, than it is to pronounce.  The meat is ground in-house daily.  The buns are made from scratch every morning.  Drooling yet?  Add chipotle aioli, cheddar cheese and an amazing homemade guacamole to that and you have an outstanding burger!

best burger in dallas


Henry’s Majestic  McKinney Ave hosts this industrial-modern restaurant with some serious flare.  Whether it’s the unique items scattered throughout the dining room, or the outdoor fireplace, it’s a place you’ll always remember.

The Burger:  Marrow Spiked Burger.  This is a blend of Akaushi beef and pork belly, with bone marrow butter. House-made dill pickle chips, caramelized onions, bacon and aged cheddar complete this amazing burger.  The flavors are serious, so be ready to fall in love!

Maple & Motor  This tiny burger joint celebrates the flavors of 2 adjoining neighborhoods in Dallas.  Their menu isn’t big – a few sandwiches, onion rings (amazing onion rings) and burgers.  It’s simple, just plain good-eatin’ food.  But, don’t attempt to grab lunch there during the week, because the line is out the door and around the building!

The Burger:  Cheeseburger.  It’s so simple, but it’s crazy how tasty these cheeseburgers are.  They top them Texas-style, with mustard, lettuce, red onion and dill pickle.  Pick your cheese, and it’s melted on top. Add some grilled jalapeños or a fried egg – whatever you want. It’s just an inexplicably great burger, hands down.


HopDoddy  No matter what burger you grab from HopDoddy, you’ll be pleased.  At McKinney in Dallas, the burgers they serve up are ridiculously awesome, and unique!  Their beef comes from humanely raised cows.  It’s ground every day in-house.  And their buns are made from scratch and baked fresh every all day, every day.

The Burger:  Magic Shroom.  This baby really packs in some flavor!  Angus beef, Texas goat cheese and field mushrooms start it off. It’s topped with mayonnaise, basil pesto, red lettuce, onion and a tomato.  Talk about a myriad of flavors dancing in your mouth!

Twisted Root:  Ask anyone in Dallas, and they know about Twisted Root.  Locations are scattered throughout the DFW metroplex. Famous for their extraordinary burgers, they also offer different meats you won’t find many other places.  Kangaroo burger?  How about a gator cheeseburger?

The Burger:  Freshman 15.  Oh, yah.  This burger will pack on the pounds, for sure.  Not only is it topped with smashed french fries on top, it offers the classics, too.  Melted cheddar cheese, crisp bacon and a fried egg complete this magical meal.  This isn’t your college cafeteria burger, that’s for sure!  By the way, their burgers have also been voted best burgers in DFW, too.

best burger in dallas

Angry Dog  In Deep Ellum, is a friendly, laid-back and cool restaurant called Angry Dog.  It’s a single location place, so ALL of their energy goes into making your dining and eating experience amazing.  From chicken wings to chili, everything they serve is out of this world.

The Burger:  Actually called, “The Burger.” Voted “Best Burgers in DFW” several years running, this half-pound burger isn’t fancy.  It’s the quality ground beef that really makes it amazing. Top it with your favorite extras and dig in.  It’s a classic, delicious burger that will have you coming back for more!

best burger in dallas

Capitol Pub  On North Henderson, you’ll find Capitol Pub.  It’s a classy little watering hole with cocktails and spirits.  But they also have a great selection of local craft and imported beer.  The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, and even a little romantic.

The Burger: The Capitol Burger.  This is one hamburger you’ll continue to order again and again!  It’s a sirloin burger with hickory smoked bacon, caramelized onions and dijon mustard. It’s topped with either Maytag Blue or Cotswold Cheese to tie it together. It can be a little messy, but it’s definitely worth it!

best burger dallas

Old Chicago Pizza and Tap Room:  Mockingbird Station boasts this amazing eatery that will have you craving their food.  The pizza is absolutely amazing, but this is a top ten about the best burgers in Dallas!  This sports bar is definitely comfortable and casual, but the food is a little more upscale than you might expect.

The Burger: Hickory Bacon Burger. I’m already drooling.  After the first bite of this rather plain looking burger, you might be in a little bit of shock.  50% ground steak and 50% ground hickory bacon make the patty.  If that isn’t enough, it’s topped with more bacon, lettuce, tomato, a delicious OC pub sauce, cheddar and onion.  Go get one.


Best burgers in dallas

Bombshells  This place is like a Hooters, with better food.  It’s a sports bar, with an aviation theme, and a great menu. Any type of bar food you’re in the mood for, they serve it up.  Happy hour is especially fun there, because the drink specials are pretty decent! Look for it on Stemmons Freeway.

The Burger: The Pearl Harbor.  Pineapple.  Bacon. Jalapeños.  BBQ sauce.  Slap all of that on an aged angus beef patty.  Then hug it with a brioche bun.  THAT, my friends, is a BURGER!  All of the flavors just melt together into perfect bites to savor.  The spice of the jalapeños, and salt of the bacon, with the sweet kick of the pineapple and tang of the BBQ sauce all compliment each other perfectly.  It’s just a dang good burger!  And that’s why we picked the Pearl Harbor as the #1 on our list of best burgers in Dallas.

What Dallas restaurant do YOU think has the best burgers!?

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