10 Items Worth Buying at The Dollar Store

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Saturday, September 17th, 2016 at 5:29 PM
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When we start couponing and grabbing so many products for super cheap or FREE, it’s hard to pay more for those items!  There are days, however, that lugging around our coupon binder, checking the latest deals on the blog, and organizing our coupons for each store just isn’t possible.  Can we actually find good deals at the dollar stores, without using coupons? YES!

There are 10 types of products that we definitely suggest trying out at the dollar stores.  Although you CAN get them cheaper from time to time by stacking coupons or matching coupons with rewards, these deals require no preparation and no coupons-  and are still great deals!


Off brand cleaning products may surprise you!  They have the exact same active ingredients, at the same amount per ounce as name brand cleaners – but they are just slightly more diluted.  Some have the same cleaning power as name brand products, and we always suggest diluting your name brand cleaners to make them last longer, anyway!  You’ll also be able to score dust pans, off brand Swiffer Dusters, plungers, sponges, buckets and brooms for only a buck!  Feel like making your own DIY non-toxic cleaners instead?  Check out our post HERE for 80 different cleaners!
Stockpile price for cleaning products is $1 and under with coupons.


Although the sizes are going to be slightly smaller than name brand chips, packages of cookies, boxes of crackers, bags of candy and more snack foods, these are still great deals!  If you don’t mind not having name brand snacks, then you definitely won’t mind paying only $1 for them, although there ARE smaller sizes of the brand name items you love!  This is the price we strive for in the grocery store by matching coupons with clearance or sale prices!  Make your own homemade Chex Mix with this recipe!
Stockpile price for cookies is $1, crackers is $1, chips is $1.50, 2 liter sodas is less than $1 and bags of candy is $1 with coupons.


Do you know the difference between name brand and dollar store off brand shampoos, conditioners, body wash and lotions?  It’s the smell!  The primary difference between the two is that name brand bath & beauty products use stronger scents!  Grab soaps, shampoos, make up and even bubble bath at the dollar store for only a buck, and you won’t be sorry!
Stockpile price for shampoo/conditioner, body wash and makeup is under $1 with coupons.


The active ingredient in any over the counter medication is generally the exact same in name brand products and off brand products.  That means that you’re really just paying for the brand and label when you pick “Motrin” over a no name dollar store brand.  You’ll find great deals  at the dollar store on bandages, petroleum jelly, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, aspirins and more medication and first aid items for only $1! Stock up on these items and baking soda, and check out this post on uses for them.
Stockpile prices for aspirin and the like is under $1.50; first aid items for $1 or under with coupons.


Having a party?  Head to the dollar store for no fuss shopping on streamers, treat bags, paper plates, gift wrap, bows and even candles for the birthday cake!  The dollar store offers up items that are priced nearly the exact same at Walmart – and these are often products we don’t generally see coupons for on a regular basis.  The cheapest we see tape, bows, balloons, tissue paper, wrapping paper and the like is during the holidays at the drugstores and Target. You’re doing well to get these items for $1 year round!
Stockpile prices for all items party and wrapping related are under $1 with coupons.


A kid’s book for only a buck?  You will usually find books for children in the toy section.  Not only will you find colorful story books, you’ll find puzzle books, activity books and Summer workbooks for the kids!  These are GREAT deals and we don’t normally see children’s books (for new books, anyway) for any cheaper.
Stockpile price for children’s books is $1 – $5, depending on quality.


Need a new cheese grater or can opener?  Going camping and want to keep your everyday kitchen gadgets separate from your outdoor use gadgets? Moving into a new home and haven’t unpacked your boxes – or have a teen moving out for the first time on their own?  Pick up your kitchen tools and gadgets at your local dollar store!  Big spoons, foil, disposable roasting pans, baggies, measuring spoons, strainers, oven mitts & pot holders, sharp knives and even cutting boards can all be found for only $1.  Worried about quality?  Dollar Tree stores carry Betty Crocker branded items that are awesome quality!
Stockpile prices for kitchen tools varies with rare coupons.


If you don’t want to worry about using coupons and matching deals or running from drugstore to office supply store and back….head out to the dollar store for your school supplies!  Although our stockpile prices are under $1 for most small items, you won’t have the hassle of coupons and can get everything in one place.  That’s when convenience comes in!  Get rulers, pens, paper clips, binder clips, thumb tacks, crayons, binders, papers, notepads, erasers, tape and more all for just $1!  Curious about back to school prices you should be looking for each year?  See this post!
Stockpile prices for small school supplies is under 50¢ each with coupons.


From Rubbermaid food storage containers to office organizers, you’ll score some awesome deals at the dollar store on containers of all sorts!  For only $1, you can off brand AND name brand containers for every area of your home!  From linen lined baskets to glass jars, plastic bins to bottles, we often find the best deals at a dollar store for these items.  When the holidays roll around, we highly suggest running out to the dollar store to find containers for your homemade goodies and gifts.
Stockpile prices for single containers varies with coupons.


Lip gloss, toys, playing cards, candies, reading glasses, fashion jewelry, magic tricks, snack foods….all of these things make for fun and inexpensive stocking stuffers!  You’ll be able to fill stockings with undergarments and socks, word search books, holiday trinkets, manicure kits,  jump ropes, shiny plastic rings, toy trucks, new year calendars and so much more at the dollar store.  You are doing well at only $1 for each of these items!
Stockpile prices for these items will always vary with coupons.

Give your favorite dollar store another chance.  Stock up on great items that are WORTH purchasing at the dollar stores, and you’ll save time and money.

What are your favorite Dollar Store finds?

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  1. annamer says:

    dog items–dog treats especially
    greeting cards 2 for $1
    school supplies
    paper cup paper plates-standard price $1 no need to go guess price from other stores

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