Amazon Prime Members: FREE Kindle eBook This Month (Valued at $4.99 for November)

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 at 6:15 AM
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It’s a new month, which means you can get ONE completely FREE Kindle eBook! This month they have six choices valued at $4.99 each and all books are available in advance of their official release date on December 1st! Choose from one of the following FREE eBooks, available through November.

  • Ocean of Storms by Christopher Mari, Jeremy K. Brown
  • Walk Into Silence Kindle Edition by Susan McBride
  • The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland Kindle Edition by Rebekah Crane
  • The Food Of Love Kindle Edition by Amanda Prowse
  • Nirzona (A Love Story) Kindle Edition by Abidah El Khalieqy
  • Knight Kyle and the Magic Silver Lance Kindle Edition by Oliver Pötzsch

*If you don’t have a Kindle, keep in mind that you can still read books on your computer or other mobile devices with the FREE Kindle Reading Apps found here.

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