#ElectroluxStyle Nebraska Furniture Mart ~ Electrolux Twitter Party on 5/18 (Laundry Pair Giveaway) #

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 at 9:30 AM
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On Wednesday, May 18th Nebraska Furniture Mart is hosting a Twitter Party with Electrolux from 6-7 p.m. CST. They will be talking about laundry and spring/summer style and giving people a chance to win a new laundry pair at the end of the party! No response or RSVP necessary, just tune in starting at 6 p.m. on Twitter and follow along/participate using hashtag #ElectroluxStyle


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82 Responses to “#ElectroluxStyle Nebraska Furniture Mart ~ Electrolux Twitter Party on 5/18 (Laundry Pair Giveaway) #”

  1. Rhonda Weiss says:

    These would be most welcome & appreciated!

  2. Tonya Hernandez says:

    I am a single mother and I have to rent from rent a center it would be a blessing to own them

  3. Kiona Whitaker says:

    Wow this would be a great win for I was given a stackable washer two months ago that didnt work but was told it needed minor work but to my surprise the transmission was out. Who knew a washer had a transmission. So to sum it all up. I was left with a piece of junk. Five children with no washer equals the 2016 version of the garbage pail kids ??#ElectroluxStyle

  4. dianne hebert says:

    cant wait

  5. Would love new washer and dryer, my washer doesn’t spin out and dryer hardly dries

  6. Need these very much!!!

  7. Yesica Villalobos says:

    Needs these very much

  8. Lori says:

    Sure do need this.

  9. I would love to win these for my mothershe is in desperate need

    • Barbara says:

      I could use these, it gets harder and harder to unload the top loading washer.
      Would make doing laundry much easier for me.

      Thank you for the chance to win this pair.

  10. Adaria Johnson says:

    Woohoo love to win yippee thx vvm #Electrolux is in an epic class by itself. Superior in high quality products

  11. Can’t wait, how exciting! @Thesaddlers5

  12. Miranda says:

    Could really use these having 6 people to wash clothes for at the laundromat gets expensive 4 kids and 2 adults almost $60 a week could really use the money somewhere else

  13. Kimberly Alatalo says:

    Or dryer doesn’t even work and or wallet is taped together could really use new ones!!

  14. Harold Queen says:

    Could use a new washer and dryer

  15. Lisa Bartlett says:

    Single, put all my money in foreclosured home and repairs!

    Need help,

    Thanks for the offer, Lisa

  16. Cindy Jones says:

    I would love to win these beauties!!! My washer and dryer are at least 12 years old and very very ugly.

  17. Jamie says:

    Good Luck Everyone! I would love to win, I really need new ones 🙂

  18. Collene Myers says:

    We could really use a new washer and dryer. I am the grandmother and do most of the laundry for my family of 6 that I live with.

  19. Penelope Costanzo says:

    I would cry. I have been hand washing our clothes for awhile now.

  20. would love to have this set.

  21. Raegan says:

    Could really use. Ours are broken!!

  22. Deb Fields says:

    Do not know how to tweet but would love the new washer and dryer set. Mine is broken right now!

  23. Jessica Riggs says:

    Single mom of four that’s running a home daycare, this would be so fantastic to have in my home!!! Love this ??

  24. Denise says:

    Boy this would be awesome! We have a rooming house and the washer and dryer get used daily. Even our daughter brings hers to be done because hers are broken.

  25. jeannie tan says:

    awesome ,would love a set ,

  26. Having a growing family this would be great to win. I am one of those who seem to never win anything so it would be a great surprise ?

  27. Sheila says:

    Parents of a soon to be adult legally blind teenager! Would love to be able to teach him how to do laundry! Please enter me to win!!!

  28. Ashley says:

    Today’s my 30th birthday and this would be a great birthday present

  29. Charlotte says:

    Oh… What A Mom Would Do With These Beauties

  30. Deeya adam says:

    I would love to win… it would be a great gift.

  31. This would be so useful as I am helping others with their laundering needs.

  32. Kristen Schwarz says:

    This would be incredible! i’m so sick of the laundromat!

  33. Could really use one as ours broke so we have to handwash our clothes

  34. I am the caregiver for my mom who goes through a lot of clothes, towels and sheets every day. Her washer and dryer are very old. To get things clean, I often have to wash each load two or three times. A new set would get such a blessing. I could devote more time to her care and save money.

  35. Cherice Burke says:

    Good luck everyone!! I would love to win these…

  36. Alicia Jackson says:

    Single Mom who could really use a new washer & dryer. This would be so awesome & greatly appreciated to win this set. It will also be so helpful & needed.

  37. Margaret Harper says:

    How great would it be to win these beauties!?!

  38. Tina says:

    I don’t have a washer or dryer of my own.

  39. Samantha payne says:

    Would love this mine is done and with my diabled mom and a four year old i do way to much laundry

  40. Maria Ralstin says:

    My husband and I are buying our first house soon and this would help us out so much!

  41. .cleo king says:


  42. .cleo king says:

    I need a new one my washers is not working right

  43. Wanda says:

    Could use a new laundry set

  44. Wanda says:

    Would love a new set

  45. Brittany osgood says:

    Seems like laundry is never ending and multiply’s I swear! Could really use these!

  46. I would love this so much mine are from about 1980 still, and we have five children! Have to restart the dryer a few times to dry clothes. ?

  47. Need them bad since my old ones don’t. Work right the floor gets flooded everyone I try to use them ,and I’m unable to go to a laundry mat due to serious spinel injury and my hubby try’s but it just as hard on him as he has MS!’ Well it’d be aGod send to win them. But I’m not going to loose my faith if I don’t so good luck to all Thank you !!

  48. Jax says:

    This woukd be awesome!

  49. Lori Bryan says:

    Would love to win the two great pieces of equipment. I truly think they would make laundry fun again!

  50. Sarah Smith says:

    With soon to be 6 kids, I could sure use another set!!

  51. JEN says:

    OMG!!! I would love these!!!

  52. Emily says:

    Love this washer and dryer

  53. Chana Rincon says:

    I could sure use this! What a nice giveaway!!

  54. Brandi says:

    This would be a great birthday gift!!

  55. Stephanie Yankevich says:

    I would love this set since our washer broke and going to the laundry mat is a pain and good luck to all?

  56. Krystal Beardsley says:

    We are fixing to move and need a washer and dryer! This would be perfect as we don’t have one!

  57. Heather Sanders says:

    My dryer just pooped on us!! Would love to win and stop making trips to the laundry mat!!!! ❤

  58. Kim says:

    Would love to win this set

  59. Stephanie says:

    I would love this set ❤️

  60. Sindy Kinney says:

    I could really use this.

  61. Loretta Beck says:

    I would love to win my washer n dryer just bit the dust.can’t afford one my husband isn’t able to work he had open heart surgery

  62. Carla Parker says:

    Would love to win

  63. kayla says:

    I never won .. please let me win atleast once

  64. Would luv to win.would donate them to our animal shelter

  65. Kyle Barner says:

    Cool let’s have some fun

  66. Joyce cobb says:

    It would be a blessing from heaven to win the pair…

  67. Kyle Barner says:

    Cool let have some fun

  68. Tonya Sornberger says:

    Omgoodness I would love to win this washier and dryer. I have 7 people in my family and could really us these. Good luck to everyone!!!!

  69. Jessica Tartaglia says:

    So I came across this #ElectroluxStyle Nebraska Furniture Mart Giveaway on a Laundry Pair and Oh Boy! I am excited! A washer and dryer!Yes this is me, I greatly need this and how it eould make this much easier. Hoping to get some luck and wish everyone else who has joined some good luck. Good Luck! #ElectroluxStyle

  70. Would love to win this

  71. My washer and dryer are at least 15 years old. I need a new set, but they are so expensive. This would be a blessing.

  72. Omg could I use this.my washer is 18 years old and no dryer.this would really make

  73. Debra fennen says:


  74. Would love to win this set

  75. This would be wonderful!

  76. Tanya Tollefson says:

    To win this would help my family out. Finances are tight and not having to was clothes at a laundry matewould save alot. Thanks and good luck to all. God bless.

  77. kim says:

    Two kids, military hubby, cloth diaper, a dog and doing laundry every day! Yes i need a win!

  78. would be a lovely birthday gift

  79. I really could use a new washer and dryer but mostly a dryer mine is making a heck of a noise

  80. Brunda Henderson says:

    Two kiddos – not out much – sounds like a nice treat – Thanks and have an eventful summer to the winner!

    • Nadezhda Stromko says:

      Very nice, love to win, specifically whit the family whit 3 girl’s ☺