Holiday Meal Price Guide – Know Your Prices!

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 at 6:00 PM
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Holiday Meal Price Guide

The holidays are here, finally! It’s one of the best times of the year to stock-up on several items like boxed potatoes, canned veggies, baking items and more! But how do you know what you SHOULD be spending on these things? What’s the best price for a frozen turkey? What is a good deal on pot roast? It it cheaper to make my own pies than it is to purchase a frozen one? We’ve got you covered!

Holiday Meal Price Guide

Remember: These are stock up prices. This is just a guide for you to gauge what you are paying versus what you could be paying. Get as close to the listed prices as you can when you are shopping for your holiday meals. Watch the blog for coupons on these items!
Holiday Meal Price Guide
Turkey – whole, frozen 39¢-59¢/lb (under 99¢ per pound is a score)
Turkey – whole, fresh $1.39/lb
Spiral Ham – $1.69/lb or under $2 /lb
Leg of Lamb – $8.95/lb (varies depending on location)
London Broil – $1.99/lb
Rump Roast- $2.99/lb
Pot Roast – $2.29/lb
Brisket – $2.49/lb
Roast Beef – $2.49/lb
Pork Tenderloin $2.99/lb
Fish – fresh $2.99/lb
Holiday Meal Price Guide

Stuffing – we can score this for FREE with coupons, but if you don’t, under 75¢ is great

Box Potatoes – 50¢

Canned Veggies – 30¢ or under

Frozen Veggies – FREE – under $1

Gravy – dry packets will be under 50¢, and jars/cans will be under $1

Cranberry Sauce (can) – under $1 (the closer it gets, the more chances of scoring it for 50¢)

Chicken Broth (can) – 33¢

Chicken Stock – FREE – 75¢/box

Olives – FREE to 50¢

French’s Onions $1.50

Rolls/Biscuits (frozen) – 50¢ and under for a Pillsbury package

Rolls/Biscuits (fresh, dozen) – depending on the brand, watch for under $2.50


Sweet Potatoes – 49¢/lb

Yams – 49¢/lb

Brussel Sprouts – $1.49/lb

Cauliflower – 88¢/lb

Broccoli – 88¢/lb

Potatoes – under $2 for a 10 lb bag (we even see 15 lb bags for $1.99!!)

Fresh Green Beans – under $1 per pound (these prices have changed, too)

Celery bunch – 89¢

Carrot bunch (1 lb) – 89¢

Whole, frozen pies – we see these on sale with coupons for under $2 each

Milk – $1.99 (gallon)

Heavy Cream – $1 (1/2 pint)

Evaporated Milk – 50¢

Condensed Milk – 75¢

Sugar (5 lbs) – $1.50 (under $2)

Flour (5 lbs) – $1.50 (under $2)

Powdered/Brown Sugar (1 lb) – 89¢

Baking Powder – FREE – 50¢

Corn Starch – 50¢

Marshmallows – under $1/bag

Cool Whip – 50¢ for holiday flavors, under $1 for regular

Canned Pumpkin – $1 or under

Pecans – whole, $4.99/lb

Almonds – whole, $3.99/lb

Apples – depending on the type of apple– 99¢ – $1.49/lb

Chocolate Chips/Morsels – $1 – $1.50

Cream Cheese – $1

Cake Mix – 75¢

Frosting – 75¢

Cinnamon Rolls – 50¢

Cranberries (fresh) – we can get them for FREE, but about $1 per package is good

Butter (salted/unsalted) – $1.50/lb

Pie Crust (2pack) – $1

Pecans – The price of pecans has sky-rocketed! The cheapest we’ve seen lately is $7.99/lb

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