How to Get an Amazon Price Adjustment

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Monday, December 14th, 2015 at 6:45 PM
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Amazon Price Adjustment

As we tell you often, prices on Amazon can change on a moment’s notice.  If the price goes lower, you can get a price adjustment.  For many, that might seem like too much of a hassle.  But in reality, spending a few minutes can save you some good money that goes back into YOUR wallet. Here are easy steps on how to get an Amazon Price adjustment.

How to get an Amazon Price Adjustment:

1. Go to the Amazon help page. Click on the “Need More Help” at the bottom, then Contact Us.

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2. Make sure you are logged in to your account. Then click on the tab for “most recent purchases.” If you do not see the purchase that you are inquiring about click on the button that says, “Choose a Different Order”.  Select the item and click “done”.

How to get An Amazon Price Adjustment

3. From the drop down menu, choose, “Returns and refunds” and then “Other return or refund issue”. Then in the fill in the blank type, “Partial Refund Price Change”.  Then you can email or call them, or start a live chat.  Explain the price change and you’re DONE! Easy enough and well worth the effort!

Items to note:

  • Amazon won’t adjust on a daily or lightning deal.
  • Limited to 7-days from the shipping date.

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