New Foods at The State Fair of Texas 2015

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015 at 12:30 PM
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Are you one of those people that only attend the Fair to try out all those crazy, decadent deep fried creations? It seems like Texas vendors are always outdoing themselves in this category and 2015 is no different!  Pack you Pepto and check out all these options (both fried and not fried) to get your tastebuds poppin’!

Deep Fried Bacon Cheeseburger Basket – Try this all American cheeseburger with chunky bacon, French fries, hand-battered onion rings, and “homemade” fry sauce, deep-fried in a flour tortilla, chimichanga style, served with several dipping sauces. (Located at TB-25 stand)

Fried Flan Cake – OMG! Homemade chocolate cake is baked over a creamy caramel flan before being battered and fried, then crowned with whipped cream and “a delightful caramel sauce that will make your mother proud.” (Located at G-45 stand)

Fried Tailgate Party – A platter with all your favorite tailgate foods including baby back ribs, pulled pork, chicken wings, grilled burger, and cheese stuffed with jalapeno wrapped in bacon, grilled sausage, stuffed inside biscuit dough, and deep fried. All served in your favorite teams’ colored paper, stuck with toothpicks of their emblem. (Located at MLK-1 and P-3 stands)

Milk Chocolate Bacon on a Stick – A quarter-pound of bacon threaded on a wooden skewer, deep fried, finished on the grill, and dipped in cacao milk chocolate. There’s nothing else to say about that. (Located at TB-22 stand)

Fried East Texas Sausage & Pepper Jack Cheese on a Stick – What could be better than beer-battered sausage and cheddar cheese with a touch of jalapenos, fried on a stick?! (Located at FW-27 stand)

Laredo Dumpling – Ground beef seasoned with Mexican spices, wrapped in an Asian dumpling, and fried! Top it with fresh pico de gallo, sour cream, salsa or smooth creamy cheese sauce for the ultimate fusion food. (Located at CBP-18 stand)

Fried Kettle Corn – You just knew this would happen sometime right? Kettle corn is formed into popcorn balls, dipped in pancake batter, and fried. Each ball is topped with salted caramel sauce. (Located at FW-19, G-6 and MLK-2 stands)

Texas Fried Bacon Jalapeno Bites –  Fresh jalapeños combined with apple-smoked bacon, cream cheese, spicy sausage and aged Parmesan, coated in jalapeño bread crumbs and fried. Served with a jalapeño lime ranch sauce. Can you say spicy?! (Located at FW-5 and TB-12 stands)

Limited Edition Oreos (Located at FW-9 and N-9 stands)

  • Red Velvet Oreos: dipped in a red batter, fried, and drizzled with cream cheese icing.
  • Cookie Dough Oreos: dipped in a chocolate batter, fried, and drizzled with chocolate syrup and chocolate chips.
  • Cotton Candy Oreos: dipped in pink and blue batter, fried, and sprinkled with pink and blue candy sugar served with a side of cotton candy.

Machete – Take a handmade extra-long corn tortilla fried and stuffed with melted cheese and your choice of meat (pork, spicy chicken, and ground beef). (Located at G-32 stand)

Pulled Pork Mash – Pulled pork combined with layers of mashed potatoes and a pickle slice of choice (dill or banana pickle). (Located at TB-3 stand)

Pumpkin Spice Doughnut Chip – Deep-fried crisp doughnut chip coated with pumpkin spiced glaze, served with ice cream smothered with cinnamon candied maple bacon. Whoa! (Located at M-19 stand)

S’more Beer –  Chocolate, graham cracker crumbs, a milk stout beer with a hint of caramel and vanilla and a rich chocolate balance, topped with a large marshmallow. (Located at FW-9 and N-9 stands)

Texas Bull Horn – Beef and pork sausage infused with jalapeno and cheddar cheese, stuffed in a “360-degree” hand-cut potato shell and deep fried on a stick. It’s your hot dog and fries in one dish- genius! (Located at TB-8 stand)

Tropical Shrimp Kabob – Kabob with onion, pineapple, and shrimp grilled with the “perfect blend” of island spices and tropical glaze. Located at FW-5 and TB-12 stands.

Coco-Rita – Imagine cooling off with a fresh whole young coconut with a cut-off top. Then juice is removed and replaced with a frozen strawberry margarita or Pina colada margarita. (Located at CBP-1 stand)

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