2016 Rite Aid Black Friday Ad

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Rite Aid Black Friday ad has been released and boy is it good! Deals can be found throughout the store and opportunities for tons of Plenti Points.

Rite Aid Black Friday Ad

Rite Aid Black Friday

This is one of the best Black Friday ads that we have seen yet! There are so many  awesome deals and steals that everyone on your holiday shopping list will be marked off. From gift cards, money back opportunities, drones, and everything in between, Rite Aid Black Friday sale will need to be on your stop this season!

Rite Aid Black Friday Hours

Rite Aid will open at 7AM on Black Friday

Here are some of the best Rite Aid Black Friday deals:

Amope Pedi Perfect Nail File $24.99 + $5.00 PP
General Mills Cereal $1.77
Quaker Cereal (Assorted) $1.77
Kellogg’s Cereal (Assorted) $1.77
Nabisco Cookies 2 FOR $5.00 + $2.00 PP
7-UP 12-pk. Products (Assorted Flavors) 2 FOR $6.00 + $2.00 PP
Belvita Breakfast Biscuits 2 FOR $5.00 + $2.00 PP
Nabisco Crackers 2 FOR $5.00 + $2.00 PP
Hershey’s 1-lb. Candy Gifts (Assorted) BOGO FREE
Hershey’s Nuggets BOGO FREE
Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream 2 FOR $5.00
Lay’s Stax $0.88
Post Cereal (Assorted) $1.77
Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File $24.00 + $5.00 PP
GE Light Bulbs $4.00 + $4.00 PP
RC Drone w/ Video Camera $49.99
Sharpie Pens (Assorted) B1G2 FREE
Papermate Pens (Assorted) B1G2 FREE

Candle Lite Everyday Essentials Candles 19-oz. Jar B1G2 FREE
Alkaline 9V Battery B1G2 FREE
Alkaline D Batteries (2-pk.) B1G2 FREE
Alkaline C Batteries (2-pk.) B1G2 FREE
Alkaline AAA Batteries (4-pk.) B1G2 FREE
Alkaline AA Batteries B1G2 FREE
Mentos Rolls B1G2 FREE
Marc Anthony Hair Treatment Packet B1G2 FREE
Foster Grant Reading Glasses Priced From $16.99 B1G2 FREE
Daylogic Netted Bath Sponge B1G2 Free
Reach Toothbrushes B1G2 Free
Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries (8-pk.) 2 FOR $10
Duracell D Coppertop Batteries (4-pk.) 2 FOR $10
Duracell C Coppertop Batteries (4-pk.) 2 FOR $10
Duracell AAA Coppertop Batteries (8-pk.) 2 FOR $10
Duracell AA Coppertop Batteries (8-pk.) 2 FOR $10
Duracell Quantum D Batteries (4-pk.) 2 FOR $10
Duracell Quantum C Batteries (4-pk.) 2 FOR $10
Duracell Quantum AAA Batteries (6-pk.) 2 FOR $10
Duracell Quantum AA Batteries (6-pk.) 2 FOR $10
Duracell 9V Coppertop Batteries (2-pk.) 2 FOR $10.00
Luna Single Nutritional Bar $1.00
Power Bar Single Nutritional Bar $1.00
Zone Single Nutritional Bar $1.00
Savi Single Nutritional Bar $1.00
Clif Bar Single Nutritional Bar $1.00
Quilted Northern (12-pk.) 2 FOR $11.00
Vitaminwater 20-oz. $0.79

Keep reading for even more Rite Aid Black Friday Deals

Angel Soft Mega (6-pk.) 2 FOR $11.00
Powerade 32-oz.(Assorted Flavors) $0.79
Brawny Paper Towels (6-pk.) 2 FOR $11.00
Orville Redenbacher Popcorn (3-pk.) BOGO FREE
Snapple Tea 64-oz BOGO FREE
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish BOGO FREE
Sugar Wafers 6.6-8-oz. BOGO FREE
Cheese Crackers 6.6-8-oz. BOGO FREE
Duracell Quantum 9V Batteries (1-pk.) 2 FOR $10.00
Single Pack Tic Tac BOGO FREE
Orbit Single Pack Gum (Assorted Flavors) BOGO FREE
Trident Single Pack Gum BOGO FREE
Pringles 5.6-6.4-oz. (Assorted Flavors) bBOGO FREE

Duracell Surge Protector 50% OFF
Duracell Power Banks 50% OFF
Duracell Cable 50% OFF
Duracell Cell Accessories 50% OFF
Altec Lansing Ear Buds 50% OFF
Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker 50% OFF

Proctor Silex Appliances $7.99
Kleenex Facial Tissues 85-ct. $1.00
Home 3/4-in. x 300-ft. Tape (Assorted Types) 2 FOR $2
Philips Earbuds $6.00
Chipotle Gift Cards $25.00 + $6.00 PP
Taco Bell Gift Cards $25.00 + $6.00 PP
Colgate Slim Soft Toothbrushes 1-ct. 2 FOR $8.00
Longhorn Steak House Gift Cards $50.00 + $10.00 PP
Colgate Optic Enamel Health Toothbrushes 2 FOR $8.00
Red Lobster Gift Cards $50.00 + $10.00 PP
Colgate Optic Platinum Total Advanced Toothbrushes 2 FOR $8.00
Lid’s Gift Cards $25.00 + $6.00 PP
Children’s Place Gift Cards $25.00 + $6.00 PP
Colgate Enamel Health 4-oz. Toothpaste 2 FOR $8.00
Colgate Toothpaste Sensitive 4.6-oz. 2 FOR $8.00
Xbox Gift Cards $50.00 + $8.00 PP
Netflix Gift Cards $50.00 + $8.00 PP
Stubhub Gift Cards $50.00 + $8.00 PP
Original Gourmet Butter Cookies $1.77
Gap Brand Gift Cards $50.00 + $15.00 PP
Holiday M&M Candies (Assorted) 2 FOR $4.00
Home Depot Gift Cards $50.00 + $10.00 PP
Digiorno 12-in. Rising Crust Pizza $3.99
iTunes Gift Cards $50.00 + $10.00 PP
7-UP 2 Bottle (Assorted Flavors) 5 FOR $4.00
Pepsi 2L Bottles 5 FOR $4.00
Coke 2L Bottle 5 FOR $4.00
Wonder Wallet BOGO FREE w/ Card

Still looking for more Rite Aid Black Friday deals?? Keep reading!

Daylogic Facial Mask B2G1 FREE
Miss Spa Facial Mask BOGO FREE
Zim’s Max-Freeze Pain Reliever Patches 3 4-ct. $6.99 w/ Card
Taclight BOGO FREE
Roto Clipper BOGO FREE
Zim’s 3-oz. Max-Freeze Roll-On Pain Reliever $6.99
Ped Egg Power BOGO FREE
Zim’s 4-oz. Max-Freeze Gel Pain Relievers $6.99
Naked Nails BOGO FREE
Forto Espresso Shots (2-pk.) BOGO FREE
Miracle Copper Socks BOGO FREE
Gotham Steel Pan BOGO FREE
5-Hour Energy Shots (2-pk.) BOGO FREE

Genie Slim Jeggings BOGO FREE
Crest 473-mL. 3D White Rinse Mouthwash $5.00
D Wade’s Get It Hoops BOGO FREE
Crest 473-mL.-1L Pro-Health Rinse Mouthwash $5.00
Opti-Free Express 10-oz. Contact Solution $7.99
Colorama BOGO FREE
Aviator Watch BOGO FREE
Dial 7.5-oz. Liquid Hand Soap $0.99
Huggies Baby Wipes 56-ct. $1.99
U By Kotex Tampons 18-ct. BOGO FREE
U By Kotex Liners 40-64-ct. BOGO FREE
Bacon Boss BOGO FREE
U By Kotex Pads 4-22-ct. BOGO FREE
5 Second Fix BOGO FREE
Cozy Socks 2 FOR $1
No Nonsense Socks (3-pk.) 2 FOR $5
No Nonsense Tights 2 FOR $5
Secret Silky Hosiery $2.99
Floss & Flossers (Assorted Brands) $2.99
Listerine Pocketpaks 72-ct. $2.99
Raffaello 5.3-oz. Box BOGO FREE
Homedics Quad Mini Massager $5.99
Scunci Elastics 18-ct. $3.00
Ferrero Rocher 12-ct. BOGO FREE
Holiday Popcorn Tins BOGO FREE
Conair Colorvibes Brushes $3.00 w/ Card
Planter’s Holiday Nut Tins BOGO FREE
Nivea Creme Tin 3 FOR $2
Planters (3-pk.) BOGO FREE
Yes to Facial Cleansing Towelettes 25-30-ct. BOGO FREE
Cerave 8-oz. SA Cleanser $7.99
Hershey’s Pot of Gold Boxed Chocolates (Assorted) BOG2 FREE
Cerave 12-oz. Cleanser $7.99
Cerave 12-oz. Lotion $7.99
Holiday Gift Bags (Assorted) BOG2 FREE
Holiday Gift Wrap (Assorted) BOG2 FREE
Revlon Super Luscious Lip Stick (Assorted Colors) $2.99
Holiday Boxed Cards (Assorted) BOG2 FREE
Wet N Wild Holiday Mini Nail Gift Set $2.99 w/ Card
Fragrance Gift Set (Assorted Scents) 40% OFF

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