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Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Sunday, February 8th, 2015 at 4:20 PM
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What if every time you picked up your purse, you were reminded to tune out the white noise and ask yourself, “where do I want to go?!”

I’m picky about a couple of things in my closet. I mean REALLY picky about my shoes and my purse. I will hold off buying either of these items until I found exactly the right fit for my personality.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 2.18.30 PMThe Soul Carrier purse does just that.

I was sent this amazing purse to check out and I honestly believe it would make an amazing Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one. Soul Carrier is a unique and thoughtful gift for someone special as they represent the story within.

What is Soul Carrier and why is it different? Well, it’s more than just a bag. The story behind Soul Carrier is really remarkable and the bags inspire happiness, serenity and love.

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The tag on the purse pretty much sums it up:

“Your soul is your authentic inner core.  It’s your unique and true identity and the foundation for the print you leave on this world.  Soul Carrier hopes to design things that make them come alive and put their soul in alignment. It lights us up to create products what will be a part of someone’s journey. Here is to asking yourself where you want to go. Here is to having the courage to pursue your journey to authenticity.”

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You might be asking, can a purse really make you feel alive and align with your soul.

Well, truth be told, YES!  Why?  Because every time I pick up my purse now I am reminded of my soul and the person I want to be and reflect to the world.  Is the purse doing it?  Of course not, but the purse is the catalyst and reminding me of my inner core and who I want to be in the world.

So beyond just the message, the purse is super high quality!  It’s made from genuine leather in Leon, Mexico.  In other words it’s going to keep up and stay durable in my crazy demanding life.  The purses range in price from $125 for the bag I have to $325 for the tote (which IS my next purchase when I save enough on groceries this month to justify the purchase :))!

You can choose either light and dark leather and detail color options in chic mint and sassy watermelon.  The purses truly transcend all seasons.

Soul Carrier makes a statement of inner strength, beauty and peace while coordinating perfectly with those favorite ripped jeans and funky sunglasses.  There are bags, totes and clutches.

Soul Carrier was born out of a combination of artistic passion, soul searching and determination.  After overcoming a personal tragedy, founder Jennifer Paige took a leap.  Rather than follow her original path of completing Law School, she followed a deep passion for design and after earning a business degree, completing design school and interning for major designer brands, created her own line of products. Dedicated to inspiring others to be inspired, igniting creativity and encouraging people to get in alignment with their souls, Jennifer and Soul Carrier delivers quality handbags with a simple message: Tune out the white noise and ask yourself, “where do I want to go?!”

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