Trim Savings ~ A New Way To Save On Everyday Purchases! + $10 Back On $50+ Grocery Purchases

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Monday, April 17th, 2017 at 4:50 PM
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TRIM SAVINGS is a new way to save money on your everyday purchases.  This brilliant new system is so easy to use, you’ll never shop without Trim again!  Trim finds coupons applicable to your purchases and automatically applies them, plus, give you $40 in statement credits when you sign up and use Trim!

We’ve told you about Trim over the last few weeks, and I (Jeni) am in love!  I’ve unlocked more options and rewards, just for making my every day purchases that I would any other time.  It’s pretty amazing to get money just for grocery shopping!

It’s SUPER easy to sign up and start saving:

? Connect your primary Visa card

? Trim will apply coupons as a statement credit, automatically.

? You save money without thinking about it.

? Get started here:


Trim is a virtual assistant that saves you money. With “Trim Savings,” Trim finds coupons and applies them to your everyday purchases as a statement credit on your next bill.


Register the Visa card you use to purchase groceries and dining. You can sign up at You’ll need to use Facebook Messenger to get your offers and communicate with Trim.


Trim, through its partnership with Visa, will search for coupons that will save you money. Then Trim will apply those coupons as a statement credit on your next bill. There’s no need to print out anything or worry about a coupon code. It’s all handled automatically. It’s free, and your card will not be charged to enroll in Trim Savings.


Because it will save you money, guaranteed!

There are lots of coupons in the world, and it’s impossible to find them all yourself. Having Trim find coupons without any hassle allows you to live your life — while also saving money.

More details:

*Trim Savings is a partnership between Trim and Visa.

*It’s FREE. You’ll need to register your primary Visa card number to participate. Worried about giving your credit card information?  Don’t be!  Trim only needs the same information you give to retailers when you make purchases!

*Sign up with the Visa card that you most frequently use for groceries and dining.

*After you sign up, you’ll get four “promo” coupons over the next two weeks:

$10 off groceries, dining, and shopping, with purchase >$50, and  $10 off movies, with purchase >$20.

Questions? Check out the FAQs on our site:


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