10 Unique Uses For Muffin Pans

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Friday, September 16th, 2016 at 6:40 PM
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10 unique uses for muffin pans

Ahhh, the muffin pan.  It’s great for cupcakes and muffins, but there are SO many other uses for these awesome kitchen essentials!  Get creative with fun kid-friendly recipes, use them to entertain, make organization a snap and keep portion-control easy.  If you missed our Thrifty Tip post about signature mini meals in a muffin pan, check it out HERE.  Here are 10 unique uses for your muffin pan that you may not have thought about!

Tostada Bowls are a fun way to kick up your Mexican food dinner!  You could use these for mini taco salad bowls, as well.  Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and fill them with ice cream for a special dessert – the possibilities are endless.


Quick Breakfast on the Go – cooking eggs is easy in a muffin pan!  Store them for the week, after you cook them, and create yummy breakfast sandwiches.  That will save you time AND money!


Muffin Pan Potato Gratins are perfect for carb and starch portion control.  Add spices and cheese to really give them a kick!


These little muffin pans make great Perfect Portions for Kids!  Not only is it a fun way to eat and keep the food separate, you’ll be able to get some really cute muffin pans to make it more interesting for them!

Freezing fruits for baking and smoothies is a snap in your muffin pan.  You can also freeze sauces, gravy, tea and much more.  For more ideas about what to freeze, check out our post HERE.


Games in a muffin pan!?  YES!  What a great way to have a family game night.  Create games of your own with other household object, or use some of the awesome ideas HERE.


Party sized treats are always really fun.  During the holidays, use your muffin pans to create some delicious snacks like Rice Krispies Pops.  If you can bake it, you can make it in a muffin pan!  These are also the perfect size for little kids with little hands.


Potluck/BBQ Condiment Holder – how creative is this!?  Take a muffin pan to your next outing.  You’ll be able to stock up on the condiments your family needs and wants, and serve them from your own little tray!


Cookie Bowls are an exciting alternative to a regular bowl or cone.  Plus, they are a bonus because you can EAT them!  Fill them up and create sundaes, or scoop in your favorite ice cream for a great dessert.


Mini Deep Dish Pizzas make eating pizza a lot less messy!  Dress them up with your favorite toppings, pop them in the oven, and you’ll have pizza in minutes.  This is way cheaper than delivery and more fun because you make them yourself!




You can also use them to make perfect portion meatloaf, bite-sized appetizers, tool or jewelry organizers and so much more!  Do you have a fun idea for muffin pans?

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