Walgreens Black Friday Ad

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 at 2:59 PM
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Walgreens Black Friday Ad

When I need something quick, I usually head over to my local Walgreens. Not only do they have what I need at an affordable price, but they also offer rewards back on purchases! That is just what mom’s and dad’s need! Walgreens has an amazing Black Friday Ad this year!

Walgreens Black Friday Hours

Walgreens will be open from 8am to 10pm on Black Friday.

Here are some of the best Black Friday deals:

Remote Control Single Outlet FROM $5.99
Sun Liquid Laundry Detergent (Assorted Scents) BOGO FREE
Impressa Underwear $11.99
Bailey’s 750-ml. Irish Cream Liquer $18.99
L’eggs Sheer Energy Panythose BOGO 50% OFF
Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color $6.99
Maybelline Powder BOGO 50% OFF
Dole 20-oz. Pineapple Chunks $0.99
Crest 3D White Toothpaste $2.99
Claritin 70-ct. 24-Hour Allergy Relief $34.99
Always Discreet Pantiliners $4.99
Nature’s Bounty Supplements BOGO FREE
Nice! Chicken Noodle Soup $0.69
Godiva Chocolate 2 FOR $6.00
My Little Pony Items (Assorted) BOGO 50% OFF
Tabletop Holiday Decor BOGO 50% OFF
Altoids Smalls Mints (Assorted Flavors) $0.69
Dixie Cups BOGO FREE
Boost Glucose Control 6-ct. Nutritional Drinks $9.99
Nice! 2-lb. Light Brown Sugar $1.99
Nice! 12-Roll Premium Ultra Bath Tissue $3.99

Maybelline Concealer BOGO 50% OFF
Cadbury Holiday Candy (Assorted) 2 FOR $4.00


Kleenex Facial Tissue BOGO FREE
Minimates $7.99
HMDX Bluetooth Speakers (Assorted) 50% OFF
Novelty Mugs (Assorted Styles) 2 FOR $5.00
Ensure Plus Nutritional Shakes $9.99
Childrens Slippers BOGO 50% OFF
West Loop Hats 2 FOR $5.00
Designer Fragrances (Assorted) $10.00 OFF
Kellogg’s Special K Cereal 2 FOR $5.00
Foster Farms 6-pk. Corn Dogs 4 FOR $10.00
Robitussin 20-ct. Tablets $5.99
Wahl Massagers (Assorted) $19.99
Arizona Drink (Assorted Flavors) 2 FOR $3.00
Gum (Assorted) $0.69
Always Pads + $2.00 Points 2 FOR $14.00
Tylenol 24-ct. Sinus Relief $6.99
Impressa 10-pk. Bladder Supports $11.99
Tito’s 1.75L Handmade Vodka $28.99
Princella Cut Sweet Potatoes $0.79
Del Monte Cut Green Beans $0.79
Altoids Smalls Mints (Assorted Flavors) $0.69
Holiday Cookies 2 FOR $4.00
Vanity Fair Napkins BOGO FREE
Extension Cord (8-ft.) FROM $5.99
Duracell Coppertop C Batteries (4-pk.) 2 FOR $12.00

Sharpie Pens (Assorted Styles) BOGO 50% OFF
Acetaminophen 2 FOR $12.00
Depend Pads $11.99
Hanes Underwear BOGO FREE
Conair Hair Appliances (Assorted) $10.00 OFF
Carnation Evaporated Milk $0.99
Vicks Dayquil/Nyquil Combo Pack $13.99
Minimates $7.99
Novelty Mugs (Assorted Styles) 2 FOR $5.00
Mars Minis 2 FOR $6.00
Home Movies to DVD Transfer 25% OFF
Nice! Freezer Bags $0.99
Energizer AAA Batteries (6-pk.) 25% OFF
Aleve Direct Therapy TENS Device $49.99 $59.99
Multivitamins (Assorted) BOGO FREE
Hallmark Holiday Gift Wrap BOGO 50% OFF
Bath & Body Gift Sets (Assorted Brands) $10.00
Vicks Sinex (2-pk.) $13.99
7-UP 2L Soda $1.00
Mucinex $20.99
Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier $34.99
Secret Body Spray (Assorted) BOGO 50% OFF
Glucerna Original Nutritional Shakes $9.99
Children Clogs BOGO 50% OFF

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker (Assorted Colors) $59.99
Gillette Body Spray (Assorted) BOGO 50% OFF
Reddi Wip Topping $2.99
L’Oreal Primer BOGO 50% OFF
Planters Deluxe Nuts (Assorted) $4.99
Charmin Paper Products $4.99
Lysol Neutra Air $2.49 $3.99
Nabisco Crackers (Assorted) $1.00
Canon MG3220 Wireless Printer $39.99
Laundry Soap (Assorted Brands) $4.99
Pain Relief Spray BOGO 50% OFF
Smoking Cessation 14-ct. Patches BOGO 50% OFF
Childrens Footwear BOGO 50% OFF
Revlon Cosmetics 40% OFF
Royal Dansk Cookies (Assorted Flavors) BOGO FREE
Share Size Candy (Assorted) 3 FOR $3.33
K-Y Duration Spray + $5.00 Points $29.99
Wal-Tussin 2 FOR $12.00
Nice! Freezer Bags $0.99
Energizer MAX 9V Batteries (2-pk.) 25% OFF
Canvas Prints (Assorted) 50% OFF
Remote Control 2-Oultet FROM $5.99
Alkaline C Batteries (8-pk.) 2 FOR $10.00
Miralax 17.9-oz. Digestive Care $4.00 OFF
One A Day Supplements BOGO 50% OFF
L’eggs Sheer Energy Tights BOGO 50% OFF
Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color 2 FOR $5.00
Hot Cocoa K-Cups (Assorted Varieties) $5.99
Dole 15-oz. Mandarin Oranges $0.99
Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste $2.99
Claritin 30-ct. Allergy Relief $19.99 $24.99
Glucerna Advanced 4-ct. Nutritional Shakes $7.99
Move Free Vitamins BOGO FREE
Nescafe Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee $5.99
Littlest Pet Shop (Assorted) BOGO 50% OFF
Rollator Lightweight Walker $89.99

Starbucks Ground Coffee $6.99
Emetec 32GB SD Memory Storage $7.99
Secret Bar Soap (Assorted) BOGO 50% OFF
Laundry Soap (Assorted Brands) $4.99
Crayola Art Supplies (Assorted) $3.99
Atari Flashback 7 Video Game Console 50% OFF
Holiday Tableware (Assorted Styles) 2 FOR $5.00
Advil 80-ct. Pain Relief $8.99
Caltrate Supplements BOGO 50% OFF
West Loop Gloves 2 FOR $5.00
Drakkar Noir Fragrance $10.00 OFF
Kashi Cereal (Assorted) 2 FOR $5.00
T.G.I. Friday’s Mozzarella Sticks 4 FOR $10.00
Advil 10-ct. Allergy & Congestion $5.99
Conair Massagers (Assorted) $19.99
Conair Hair Appliances (Assorted) $10 RR w/ $40 Purchase
Nice! Ice Cream (Assorted Flavors) 2 FOR $5.00
Mints (Assorted) $0.69
Always Pantiliners + $2.00 Points 2 FOR $14.00
Tylenol 8-oz. Sinus Relief $6.99
Impressa 52-ct. Guards $11.99
Smirnoff 1.75L Vodka $17.99
Nice! Marshmallows $0.79
Nice! Cream Of Chicken $0.69
Energizer MAX 9V Batteries (2-pk.) 25% OFF
Remote Control 2-Oultet FROM $5.99
Vanity Fair Bowls BOGO FREE
Kellogg’s Special K Cereal 2 FOR $5.00
Wexford Wrap BOGO 50% OFF
Foster Farms 6-pk. Corn Dogs 4 FOR $10.00
Deluxe Arm Blood Pressure Monitor $29.99 $59.99
Hanes Socks BOGO FREE
Libby’s Canned Pumpkin $1.29
L’Oreal Lip & Eye Cosmetics BOGO 50% OFF
Vanity Fair Cups BOGO FREE
Duracell AAA Batteries (6-pk.) 2 FOR $12.00
WWE Wrestling Figure BOGO 50% OFF
Ornaments 2 FOR $3.00
Arizona Drink (Assorted Flavors) 2 FOR $3.00
Gum (Assorted) $0.69
Ensure Clear 6-ct. Nutritional Shakes $7.99
Schiff Glucosamin Supplements BOGO FREE

Hallmark Holiday Bags BOGO 50% OFF
Aveeno Gift Set $10.00
Dove Minis 2 FOR $6.00
Nice! Storage Bags $0.99
Mucinex 6-oz. (2-pk.) $20.99
Wahl Massagers (Assorted) $34.99
Secret Body Wash (Assorted) BOGO 50% OFF
Hunger Smart Nutritional Shakes $9.99
Mens Moccasins BOGO 50% OFF
Omron Automatic 5 Series Arm Blood Pressure Monitor $59.99 $69.99
Gillette Body Wash (Assorted) BOGO 50% OFF
Nature Made Vitamins BOGO FREE
L’Oreal Powder BOGO 50% OFF
Photo Posters (Assorted Sizes) 30% OFF
Energizer MAX AA Batteries (4-pk.) 25% OFF
Living Solutions 70-ct. Holiday Light Sets (Assorted Colors) BOGO FREE
Vicks Sinex (2-pk.) $13.99
Waverly Celebrations Giftables (Assorted Gifts) FROM $9.99
7-UP 2L Soda $1.00
Certainty Underwear BOGO 50% OFF
Schweppes 12-pk. Seltzer $3.99
Womens Slippers BOGO 50% OFF
Lady Speed Stick Deodorant BOGO FREE
Calendars (Assorted) 25% OFF
Alkaline 9V Batteries (4-pk.) 2 FOR $10.00
Huggies Diapers $3.00 OFF
Sudafed PE 18-ct. Tablets $6.99
Royal Dansk Cookies (Assorted Flavors) BOGO FREE
Share Size Candy (Assorted) 3 FOR $3.33
Always Discreet Underwear $11.99
Budweiser (18-pk.) $14.99
Silken Mist Pantyhose BOGO 50% OFF
Revlon ColorSilk Luminista Hair Color 2 FOR $5.00
Scott 4-Roll Bath Tissue 2 FOR $7.00
Home Elements Poster Album BOGO 50% OFF
Crest Complete Whitening Toothpaste w/ Scope $2.99
Claritin Childrens 20-ct. Allergy Relief $19.99
Ensure Original 6-ct. Nutritional Shakes $7.99
Move Free Supplements BOGO FREE
Heinz Homestyle Gravy $1.49
Boots No7 Skin Care Time Capsule 50% OFF
Naproxen BOGO 50% OFF
Dr. Scholl’s Foot Care Orthotics $2.00 OFF
Energizer AA Batteries (4-pk.) 25% OFF
Prilosec OTC 42-ct. Tablets $23.99
Living Solutions 70-ct. Holiday Light Sets (Assorted Colors) BOGO FREE
Whitman’s Chocolate BOGO FREE
Hot Cocoa K-Cups (Assorted Varieties) $5.99
Brita Pitcher $17.99
Dole 15-oz. Mandarin Oranges $0.99
Boost High-Protein 6-ct. Nutritional Drinks $7.99
Childrens Moccasins BOGO 50% OFF
Heat Lockers Hats BOGO 50% OFF
White Diamonds Fragrance $10.00 OFF
Dixie Plates BOGO FREE
Duracell Quantum D Batteries (3-pk.) 2 FOR $12.00
Advil 10-ct. Sinus Congestion & Pain $5.99 $7.29

Sharper Image Foot Massager $19.99
Pullover Hooded Sweatshirts 2 FOR $15.00
Caltrate Supplements BOGO 50% OFF
Certainty Shields BOGO 50% OFF
French’s French Fried Onions $3.49
Nice! 6-Roll Premium Ulta Paper Towels $2.99
Womens Moccasins BOGO 50% OFF
Foot Switch 8-ft. Cord FROM $5.99
Good & Delight Blends BOGO 50% OFF
Kashi Cereal (Assorted) 2 FOR $5.00
Lysol 35-pk. Wipes $2.49
Wonderful Pistachios $5.99
Hot Wheels Gift Pack (Assorted Varieties) 40% OFF
Holiday Wreath (Assorted Varieties) $14.99 Mints (Assorted)
Mints (Assorted)$0.69
Ensure High Protein Nutritional Shakes $8.99
Foster Grant Reader Glasses B1G2 FREE
Hallmark Holiday Boxes BOGO 50% OFF
Caress Gift Set $10.00
Vanity Fair Tableware (Assorted) BOGO FREE
Duracell AA Batteries (8-pk.) 2 FOR $12.00
Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File $36.99
Old Spice Body Spray (Assorted) BOGO 50% OFF
Aleve Pain Relief (Assorted) BOGO 50% OFF
Caltrate Vitamins BOGO 50% OFF
Acetaminophen 2 FOR $12.00
Depend Pads $11.99
Aquafina (24-pk.) $3.99
Nice! One Dozen Grade A Large Eggs $.99
Good & Delight Blends BOGO 50% OFF
Lysol 35-pk. Wipes $2.49
Nice! Cashews Halves & Pieces $5.99
Fabuloso 22-oz. Cleaner $0.99
Hearing Aid Batteries (24-pk.) BOGO FREE
Huggies Pull-Ups $3.00 OFF
Ghirardelli Chocolate 2 FOR $6.00
Oreo Cookies 2 FOR $6.00
Hershey’s Candy (Assorted Varieties) $0.59
Silken Mist Tights BOGO 50% OFF
Delsym Adult 3-oz. Cough Suppresant $9.99
Claritin Childrens 8-oz. Allergy Relief $19.99
Contigo 2-pk. Travel Mug Gift Set $19.99
Zip-Fleece Hooded Sweatshirts 2 FOR $15.00
Garnier 12.5-oz. Conditioner 2 FOR $7.00
Foot Switch 9-ft. Cord FROM $5.99
Colgate Toothpaste + $1.50 RR $3.00
Alka Seltzer Plus BOGO 50% OFF
Stove Top Stuffing Mix $1.49
L’Oreal Blush BOGO 50% OFF
Cottonelle Fresh Care Cloths Refill 2 FOR $7.00
Polaroid Android Tablet 50% OFF
Good & Delight Trail Mix BOGO 50% OFF
Quaker Instant Oatmeal (10-pk.) 2 FOR $6.00
Hot Pockets (2-pk.) 4 FOR $10.00
Caltrate Supplements BOGO 50% OFF
Nice! Cream Of Mushroom $0.69
Folgers Single-Serve Coffe K-Cups $5.99
Dixie Napkins BOGO FREE
Duracell Quantum C Batteries (3-pk.) 2 FOR $12.00
Hershey’s Holiday Candy (Assorted) 2 FOR $10.00
Nice! Cups (Assorted Sizes) 2 FOR $4.00
Nice! Ice Cream (Assorted Flavors) 2 FOR $5.00
Ensure Enlive Nutritional Shakes $8.99
Reader Glasses B1G2 FREE
Hallmark Holiday Bows BOGO 50% OFF
Nivea Gift Set $10.00
Sudafed 4-oz. Childrens Medicine $6.99
Deluxe Arm Blood Pressure Monitor $29.99
Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent BOGO FREE
Pet Shoppe Pet Supplies (Assorted) $9.99
Nice! Mixed Nuts $5.99
Daisy Sour Cream $0.99
Palmolive Dish Liquid $.074
Sunkist 2L Soda $1.00
Pain Relief Patches BOGO 50% OFF
Opti-Free 12-oz. Eye Care (2-pk.) $16.99
Womens Clogs BOGO 50% OFF
Rogaine 2-pk. Hair Treatment $39.99
Stuffed Animals (Assorted) $19.99
Electrical Accessories (Assorted) BOGO 50% Off
75% Off Google Play Movie Rental w/ Purchase of Google Play Gift Card
Home Elements Poster Frame BOGO 50% OFF
Certainty Underwear BOGO 50% OFF
Schweppes 12-pk. Seltzer $3.99
Books (Assorted) 25% OFF
MyCharge Branded Items (Assorted) 50% OFF
Lego Mixels (Assorted) 40% OFF
Maybelline Eye Cosmetics BOGO 50% OFF
Holiday Travel Mug 2 FOR $10.00
Sparkling Apple Cider 2 FOR $5.00
Heat Lockers Socks BOGO 50% OFF
Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue Fragrance $10.00 OFF
Russel Stover Chocolate BOGO FREE
Living Solutions Appliances (Assorted) $12.99
Crewneck Sweatshirts 2 FOR $10.00
Power Strip FROM $5.99
Always Discreet Underwear $11.99
Budweiser (18-pk.) $14.99
Starbucks Coffee K-Cups $6.99
Virtual Reality Headset $9.99
Maybelline Foundation BOGO 50% OFF
Alkaline AA Batteries (16-pk.) 2 FOR $10.00
Candy Canes (Assorted) 2 FOR $5.00
Hallmark Holiday Accessories (Assorted) BOGO 50% OFF
Dial Gift Set $10.00
Super Powers Micro Figure $3.99
Heating Pads (Assorted) $19.99
Flood Light Holder FROM $5.99

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