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Onthr3 ~ Uber For Photographers & Photography ~ Great Way to Get High Quality Photos Inexpensively

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Monday, May 15th, 2017 at 9:50 AM
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Onthr3 ~ Uber for Photographers and PhotographyI love trying out new services that come to Dallas!  And I’m loving the concept of this one… think, Uber for photographers and photography.

Natalie and I needed headshots and photos together for ModMomTV.  This was a perfect way to book someone on a Sunday for an hour and have some great professional photos.

What is Onthr3? “Uber for Photographers & Photography”

Onthr3 ( is an “Uber” type app where you can book a photographer in the DFW area!

It costs between $60 to $150 an hour based on the level of photographer you are looking for! SWEET!!!!

I’m thinking family reunions, birthday parties, summer events where YOU don’t have to be the picture taker!

Onthr3 Photos

Carlos was our photographer and he was so easy going and willing to take the photo shoot wherever we wanted! He was so kind, easy to work with and GOOD! (P.S. Natalie and I highly recommend him!)

Onthr3 Photographer

We also captured our sillier side as he took shots of us “in the moment” doing things you’ll see on ModMomTV.

Onthr3 Pictures

What a super cool Mother’s Day gift… taking photos for the family!  Or how about a night out with the hubby and taking some snapshots?  Sure we can all do selfies but come on…. we all know a real photographer, shooting professional pictures is a ton more fun!

Onthr3 ( allows you to hire personal and/or professional photographers who will shoot, edit and upload your photos. We shot pictures at 1:30 on a Sunday and I had the link with all of the photos by 7 a.m. the next morning!

What Uber did for ride sharing, Onthr3 will do for ease and accessibility for photographs of your most special memories. Both by booking in advance as well as on the spur of the moment.

It’s great for photographers and great for families who need really nice pictures quickly and without paying a ridiculous price!

For Users

Users get a personal and/or professional photographer for their event at a very affordable price and will have their memories available within 12 hours. Users get to browse through photographers to find the style that best suits their needs and will have direct contact with the photographer for additional instruction or guidance. Users are able to book a photographer in advance or up to 1 hour before the event. offer a service of professional photographers for any number of occasions:

They offer a service of professional photographers for any number of occasions:
Rehearsal Dinners
Bridal Gown fittings
Nights out with friends
Anything for which you would want to capture memories

The photographers are chosen in 3 levels in the app.  You simply load the event and a list of photographers that are available pop-up!  You choose your photographer and book it, and the photographer simply shows up!  Easy Peasy!

Photographer Levels:

Level One is a personal photographer with up to 2 years experience. Their basic equipment will bring your event to life.

Level Two is an experienced personal or professional photographer for 2-4 years, comes with equipment and more official tools like tripods and lighting.

Level Three is a career photographer with 4 or more years of experience and comes with top of the line equipment.

We chose Carlos who was listed as Level Two.  What I can tell you is that I feel he is level 3 calibur!  Thank you, Carlos for all of these fun photos!

For Photographers

Photographers have an outlet to reach new clients and find consistent work with greater ease. Photographers from all over Dallas will be able to sign up and get to work.

Gotta love this fun new service!  Well worth it for us!  We hope you’ll give it a try too!

What is ModMomTV?

The tagline for ModMomTV is “Real Life: Unfiltered” because online don’t we usually see people living in a beautiful Instagram world with Pinterest perfect parties? But that’s not real life. Real life is a sassy tween, a sticky floor, a basket of dirty laundry and no idea what we’re having for dinner. Can you relate???

Best Botox Prices in Dallas ~ Injectable Envy + Other Hot Injectable Prices

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Sunday, October 16th, 2016 at 7:00 PM
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Best Botox Prices in Dallas

So how do you know you are getting the best Botox prices in Dallas along with other injectables?  Trust me, I’ve shopped around on Groupon and didn’t have much luck, as what I thought was a deal ended not being such, with up-sells and more.

As many of you know, I’m a loyal customer of HerKare as they have changed my mental and physical well-being treating my hormonal imbalance.

Best Botox Prices in Dallas

Well, I learned a ton about pricing as Injectable Envy just moved into HerKare in Southlake.  Did you know the average cost for Botox in Dallas is $12 per unit. The highest priced botox can be found for $18!

Best Botox Prices in DallasInjectable Envy charges just $10!!!!  So to make the math easy, 25 units with Injectable Envy is $250.  At $12 per unit, you would pay $300! WOW!

In addition, Injectable Envy signs you up for rewards programs so you can get manufacturer discounts too! No one has ever shared that tidbit of information with me until now.  I did a bit of research and only found a few others offering that price. If you find one offering Botox for $10 or less, it’s a great deal.  Then do your homework on the person’s experience doing the injectable.

Why does Injectable Envy charge less?  Because, well…they’re good and one of the biggest buyers in the country. Because of that, they get discounts from the manufacturer. Instead of pocketing those profits, they pass those savings on to the consumer. Injectable Envy is a branch of Advanced Aesthetics from Las Vegas.  Samantha Daniel, RN has moved to the DFW Metroplex to build their business in our city and share the savings. She’s been doing this for 7 years now and is well respected across the country for her work.

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-6-00-10-pmSamantha Daniel’s resume:

Samantha Daniel, RN, is a highly specialized Certified Aesthetic Nurse Injector (CANS) with more than seven years of ongoing advanced training in aesthetics. She is the co-owner of the largest Med Spa in Nevada, based out of Las Vegas. Samantha has injected well over 20,000 clients while growing Advanced Aesthetics into a top ranked national account.  Samantha is a national trainer for some of the leading global aesthetic manufacturers including Galderma and Allergan Cosmetics. She has trained hundreds of doctors and nurses on her technique and is a frequent injector and participant at national aesthetic conferences.

It’s rare when you see prices publicly revealed, but Injectable Envy is proud of their pricing and they want people from all walks of life to have a chance at feeling better about how they look!

Botox: $10/unit

Dysport: $3.50/unit

Juvederm Voluma: $700/syringe – 2nd syringe – $500

Juvederm Ultra XC: $450/syringe – 2nd syringe – $350

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC: $450/syringe – 2nd syringe – $350

Restylane: $425/syringe – 2nd syringe – $325

Restylane Silk: $425/syringe – 2nd syringe – $325

Restylane Lyft: $500/syringe – 2nd syringe – $300

Radiesse: $500/syringe

Sculptra: $700/vial – 2nd vial $500

Kybella: $600/vial – 2nd vial $500

So if you’ve been wanting injectables at a great price, you’re sure to get a fair deal with Samantha and her team!  Happy saving!

Cheapest Botox in Dallas




My Favorite Things: Empower Boxing Boot Camp At-Home DVD Only $24.99, Highly Recommend

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Sunday, September 25th, 2016 at 1:30 PM
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empower-boxing-boot-campAre you looking for an at-home workout that packs a punch, plus, save 50% off retail?  Then read on!

I try to make exercise a daily part of my life. I’ve always been a gym kinda girl, as I never found at home workouts very challenging. Until NOW!

It’s called The Boxing Boot Camp and is a super fun way to strengthen and tone your whole body.

The Empower Boxing Boot Camp package includes the 12 Rounds DVD, workout guide, pink/black jump rope, pink 6 pound toning ball, and pink/black 2-pound weighted gloves. The items in this box will give you a killer workout!  It retails for $49.99, but use

It retails for $49.99, but use discount code (25EMPBBC) to get 50% off for the Boxing Boot Camp on the Empower Website! Sweet!

This video really pushes you by keeping your heart rate up, strengthening the core and building muscle tone.  It’s a non-stop workout with 2-minute rounds of high-intensity cardio and punching, along with jump-rope and ball squats.

There are variations for the beginner, intermediate and advanced. I’ve done a lot of boxing and kickboxing before but I had never put weights on my hands. WOW, what an amazing difference at challenging your body.

Professional female boxer, Jaime “the Hurricane” Clampitt goes into beast mode and motivates you for 12 rounds as you harness the power of your body and learn to throw punches and combinations.

It really is a fun way to strengthen your entire body, release everyday stress and improve your self-confidence.

My daughter got some video of me in my back yard giving this program a run for the money.  And yes, it was a strong, solid workout even BETTER than some of those classes in a real kickboxing gym that I’ve attended.  Jaime kept my heart rate pumping and challenged me the entire time with little rest.  Of course, there are all kinds of modifications, but if you’re wanting an awesome solid workout at home I highly recommend this!

I was sent this workout kit to review.  As you can see, my opinions are 100% my own!


Best Gymnastics in Dallas ~ BEST Gymnastics

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Monday, September 5th, 2016 at 6:00 PM
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ava best gymnastics

My daughter is a gymnast.  I never imagined that this would be her destiny, but I owe it all to one gym, one I consider to be the best gymastics facility in Dallas.  One super fantastic gym filled with the best coaches I could ever imagine. I’m not writing about Best Gymnastics because I have to, but because I want to.

Best Gymnastics

I want to share our experiences since, as a “sports mom”, I know how important it is to find good coaches in whatever your child chooses to do.  A coach is responsible for laying a solid foundation of a sport, of sportsmanship, discipline, determination and competition.

Both of my kids have had good coaches and “not so good” coaches. Coaches of young kids lay a foundation and a future.  The coaches at Best Gymnastics understand how to bring fun to a sport all while teaching them proper form to avoid injury.

Ava is in level 7 now and the coaches push her just the right amount to get her to the next level.  They care and love all these gymnasts, both the big kids and the little ones just learning a cartwheel or somersault.   The coaches are some of the best I’ve ever worked with. Not only are they amazing with the kids, but it appears all of them love what they do. They put a lot of hours into that gym and it shows.

Kudos to Brad Turner and Cindy Perison and the team for building one of the best gymnastics programs in the area in my opinion! The parents of your gymnasts thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

bestIf you’re wanting to introduce gymnastics to your child or you want your child to compete, I encourage you to check out Best Gymnastics in Flower Mound.

It is one of the greatest experiences Ava and I have ever had.  And even if your child doesn’t want to be a gymnast they have plenty of other AFFORDABLE opportunities to get social and active including:

Best Parties

Best Gymnastics offers the BEST parties that you and your child will remember for years to come!

Best Open Gym

Best Gymnastics offers two Open Gym options every Friday for Best members and non-members! Friday Night Open Gym is offered from 6:00pm – 9:00pm for ages 3 – 13 year round. Participants can jump on the trampolines, play in the foam pit, tumble on the rod floor, play games on the Big Blue Floor, or swing on the bars. Friday Night Open Gym is a drop-off event so Mom and Dad can get away for a nice dinner or movie while the kids play with us! The cost is $12 per child and a snack is provided.
Best Gymnastics also offers a Friday Afternoon Open Gym from 1:30pm – 2:30pm during the school year for ages 6 and younger. This Open Gym offers a fun, supervised free play atmosphere as well, but is only $5 per student!

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.03.31 PMBest Night Out

Best Night Out, an awesome, fun-filled party, is offered the 2nd Saturday night of each month. This fun party, held from 6:00pm – 10:00pm, is designed for parents to get the night off while the kids have a blast at the gym!

Earn and then spend your Best Bucks at the Prize Station at each Best Night Out! We’ll have crazy games, contests, prizes, open gym, and lots of gymnastics too. Reserve your spot before we sell out! The cost is $25 and dinner and a drink are provided. Siblings receive a $5 discount.


September 10th Western Party
October 8th Monster Mash Madness
November 12th Under the Big Top
December 10th Winter Wonderland


Best Gymnastic Camps

Kids ages 3 and up can have a blast in our 12,000 square foot gym! Best Gymnastics Camp is for beginners to very advanced gymnasts ages 3 and up.  We have two 5-hour sessions available each camp day. The morning session is 8:30AM – 1:30PM and the afternoon session is 12:30PM – 5:30PM. $25 per session (8:30am-1:30pm or 12:30pm-5:30pm) or $45 for all day (8:30am-5:30pm). You choose which session you want, whenever you want. Unlike most gyms, at Best Gymnastics we NEVER charge a membership or registration fee for any of our camps or events.

Spring Break Camp 2016

Summer Camp 2016

Winter Camp 2016

Best Field Trips

Field Trips offer different groups a fun, physical outing in a safe environment. Church groups, schools, day cares, and other organizations may attend this fun time in the gym. Field trips are offered as two different packages depending on the ages of the participants.

I’ve watched this gym blossom in just a few short years to what I consider being the best program in Flower Mound.


Cold Stone Creamery Signature Cakes ~ One-of-a-Kind Cakes for Your Special Occasion

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Thursday, September 1st, 2016 at 10:00 AM
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Cold Stone Creamery Let’s face it, a birthday isn’t a REAL birthday without a cake to celebrate, right?  My daughter is a HUGE ice cream cake fan!  So what better way to celebrate her special day than with this awesome Confetti Cake at Cold Stone Creamery®. This cake is a special way to “light up” her day!

What a perfect cake for a girl who loves sprinkles, red velvet and cake batter ice cream! Oh yeah, it is as good as it looks in the picture and Ava couldn’t wait to dive in!

These one-of-a-kind ice cream Creations™,  are made with fresh ingredients, combining your favorite ice cream flavors and mix-ins!  cold stone creamery 2

Oh, and mom got the LOSER award for not having enough candles (I bought some, I swear… but for the LIFE of ME I can’t find them, heavy sigh…

Good thing is, she really didn’t care, she just wanted to make her wish and dive in!

Plus for all you pinners out there, check out the birthday-themed Pinterest Contest through Sept. 16th.

Pinterest members may enter the Contest by completing all of the following: (i) Following Cold Stone® on Pinterest at; (ii) Creating a Birthday Party inspiration board; (iii) Pinning at least one (1) item from the Cold Stone board on your Birthday Party inspiration board along with everything else that you would do to create the most ideal birthday party,  such as home décor, fashion, recipes, birthday party themes and party favors; and (iv) Once your board is complete, submit your Pinterest user name to Cold Stone Creamery at The Pinterest prize will be: A One Hundred Dollar ($100) Cold Stone Creamery Gift Card and a Four Hundred Dollar ($400) Visa Gift Card.  There are a total of four (4) individual Prizes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 3.59.25 PM

Cold Stone has a TON of Signature Cakes to choose from.  They are all so yummy and the hardest part is simply deciding which one to choose! It’s super simple to order in advance and just pick up for your special day!  All of these cakes are offered year-round at Cold Stone Creamery stores throughout the United States:

  • Cake Batter Confetti™: Layers of moist Red Velvet Cake and Cake Batter Ice Cream® with Rainbow Sprinkles wrapped in fluffy White Frosting
  • Cookies & Creamery™: Layers of moist Devil’s Food Cake and Sweet Cream Ice Cream with OREO® Cookies wrapped in fluffy White Frosting
  • Cookie Dough Delirium™: Layers of moist Yellow Cake and Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Cookie Dough and Chocolate Shavings wrapped in fluffy White Frosting
  • Midnight Delight®: Layers of moist Devil’s Food Cake, Fudge and Chocolate Ice Cream with Chocolate Shavings wrapped in a rich Fudge Ganache
  • Strawberry Passion™: Layers of moist Red Velvet Cake, Strawberry Puree and Strawberry Ice Cream with Graham Cracker Pie Crust wrapped in fluffy Strawberry Frosting

Cold Stonecold stone 1 is one of our favorite places to visit and just “catch up” on life.  Ava and I also love to treat her friends.  Next special occasion think Cold Stone!

About Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery delivers the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience through a community of franchisees who are passionate about ice cream. The secret recipe for smooth and creamy ice cream is handcrafted and made fresh in each store, and then customized by combining a variety of mix-ins on a frozen granite stone. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Cold Stone Creamery is a subsidiary of Kahala Brands™, one of the fastest growing franchising companies in the world, with a portfolio of 18 quick-service restaurant brands. Cold Stone Creamery operates more than 1,500 locations in 28 countries.

About “Made Fresh”

In Cold Stone Creamery locations across the world, our ice cream is hand-crafted in small batches – one flavor at a time. We start with the highest quality cream, sugar and flavorings to make our ice cream fresh in the back of each of our stores. This small-batch process ensures our customers receive the richest, creamiest, most delicious ice cream when they visit Cold Stone Creamery.  

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions stated here are 100% authentic.

Artis Wall ~ Removable Reclaimed Wood Wall, My Favorite Thing + Giveaway!

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Sunday, August 21st, 2016 at 2:00 PM
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artis wall

Yep, I’ve found another item to fall into “My Favorite Things” category!

You see, I’ve always loved the look of a reclaimed wood wall.  It’s a great way to bring in warmth and character to a room.  It can be a very small investment that makes a BIG visual statement.

Removable Reclaimed Wood

Two of the most common challenges when creating an accent wall is that the products are difficult to install and they are permanent. But, I’ve found an awesome option if you don’t want it to become permanent (i.e. live in an apartment but want the rustic look or don’t want to damage your walls.)

Artis Wall™ can help you create a designer look in under an hour.

Now for the SUPER cool part! This product is removable and reusable and it doesn’t damage the wall!  Go here to see a video on how it works.

Every Plank Has History

Now another Super DUPER cool feature! The reclaimed wood comes from old barns and structures around the US.  It’s like a piece of history in your home.  You can actually learn about where the wood you purchased came from as each piece is originally part of a barn or structure around the country!  This makes for a great talking piece!

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.42.25 AMReclaim Your Wall

I was given the opportunity to try Artis Wall in my home. I was so excited! For my room, I didn’t want a whole wall at first.  I wanted to make sure it would fit the room style and layout.  Now that I’ve installed this, I’ve fallen in love and think I may go for the whole wall. For now, however, it’s a great focal point to tie the room together. This took Geno and I just about an hour to plan and get installed.

artis wall 2When you take it out of the box, you’ll find the Artis Wall planks are cut and finished into thin panels. They come in random lengths to provide you with the ability to make one-of-a-kind patterns.

Each Artis Wall box comes with A.I.M. strips or Artis Installation Method strips. These strips make installation quick and easy, providing you with easy removal, leaving little-to-no damage to the wall.  It’s basically a really snazzy velcro that allows the wood to easily be removed.

Probably the most difficult part of the project was scoring the wood and breaking it to fit perfectly. But honestly, with the right tools, it’s was simple to do.  Like I said, this project took us under one hour and we actually had fun doing it!

A square foot is priced at $13.95, which also comes with the A.I.M. strips.  So 20 square feet costs $279.  BUT 1 very LUCKY MyDFWMommy reader gets one box of Artis Wall, choice of style, shipped to your home!  Just leave a comment below and a winner will be chosen on September 7th!

This is way easier than trying to buy or find the wood yourself and you get 100% damage-free reclaimed wood wall!


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.42.43 AM


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.42.35 AM

Permanent Reclaimed Wood Wall

So if you don’t like doing it the Artis Wall way, or the really easy way, yes, you can do this on your own. Reclaimed wood can come from a variety of sources — shipping pallets, boats, barns, sheds, mills, commercial structures and even your home if you’re remodeling. It’s possible to score a pile of reclaimed wood for free if you know where to look and can do the legwork.

I’ve seen wood being offered on NextDoor Neighbors, Craigslist and even on Facebook Garage Sale groups.  Local excavation companies can also be a good source, since they are often called in to demolish old buildings, and the less they have to excavate, the better. It helps to be able to see it in person to get a feel for how it has weathered and aged — the characteristics that make it so distinctive.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.50.16 AM

Tools you will need: If you decide to take on the project yourself, your list of supplies will vary depending on the condition of the wood. But you will probably need a nail gun, a chop saw and sandpaper. You’ll also want to know the square footage of the wall you’re covering — this will help with budgeting as well.

Here are some videos to use as resources to get you started.




Granite Huggers ~ Reclaimed Granite = GREAT Deals on Kitchens, FirePits + More

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Sunday, June 12th, 2016 at 12:30 PM
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Granite Huggers

I am proud to say that I have a brand new GREEN outdoor kitchen from Granite Huggers and spent just half of what I would have buying one at say Costco or built from scratch.  I have a unique piece of art in my backyard and couldn’t be more pleased!

granite huggers 2I shared with you earlier that I was going through “reverse nesting” as my son graduated from high school.  One of those projects included building an outdoor kitchen for my son’s graduation party.

I used Granite Huggers that saves unused granite from the land fill and creates these awesome fire pits, countertops, a Texas lazy susan, split stone and wine bottle displays.  AND they are SOOO reasonably priced!

Granite huggers framed our kitchen around the grill we already had.  Then used a beautiful piece for the top that would have gone to the land fill!  They also kept with the reclaimed “feel” by building a beautiful rustic door for the storage area.  The sides of the bar are also made from granite which gives it a natural feel.

Granite Huggers

Granite Huggers  is giving our readers a great deal!  First, ANY granite job is just $35 a square foot installed.  That is a super great price!

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 11.44.48 AM

Granite Fire Pits

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 11.23.09 AMSmall Square pits 22″ inside, 34″ outside ~ Reg $199 (MyDFWMommy Price, $179)

Small round fire pits 22” inside 34” outside – Reg $149 (MyDFWMommy Price, $129)

Granite split stone reg $9 sq ft    (MyDFWMommy Price, $7.50 sq ft)

Texas Lazy Susan  reg $149  (MyDFWMommy Price, $125

Corian wine bottle display reg $19 (MyDFWMommy Price, $15)

You can call Steve at (972) 670-4533, leave contact information here,  or email ( and tell him I sent you to get this price!

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 11.37.58 AM

Granite Huggers can build just about anything you put your mind to! They are extremely creative and do great work on bathroom vanities and kitchens too!

Now, Granite Huggers has full size slabs of granite and fabricate and install whole houses utilizing all of the waste to make the pavers, fire pits, and split stone.

Soon they will be making granite gravel so nothing will be going to the land fill.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 11.26.38 AM


Buying a Mattress Online~ Crave Mattress Starting at $480 (+ $50 Off)

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Thursday, April 21st, 2016 at 7:45 PM
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Buying a Mattress Online

The “hubs” and I are the 5-minute cuddle couple.  Yep, a few minutes before snooze time to cuddle up, (a.k.a. spooning) and then we’re both scrambling off to our sides of the bed to grab some zzz’s.  But those precious 5 minutes were stripped from us because of a funky lump/bump in my old mattress.  Yep, it was like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro just to get close to my hubby, and frankly as tired as we are when we go to bed, it wasn’t worth the climb.

Online Mattress Shopping

Buying a Mattress Online

I’m happy to say, the quick cuddle is back in the Thornquist home, thanks to a brand new mattress I got online.  Yep, ONLINE!   We had been shopping for over a YEAR, and frankly, we just decided to “deal” with the cuddle blocker mattress because shopping in store for a mattress was mind-numbing, exhausting and just a pain. Plus, I just couldn’t swallow spending $3,500 on a bed (we wanted a plush bed) when my son is getting ready to go to college.

I’ve also done some research recently as to why there were so many mattress stores and why these mattresses so darned expensive? And EUREKA!!!  I’ve found a great option with Crave Mattress where you can get a high-quality, luxury (yes, the $3500 type) bed sent directly to your door where you save a ton of time and a ton of money!

First, let’s discuss why these mattresses found in brick and mortar stores are priced so high.

High-margin and low overhead

It’s reported that mattresses offer one of the best profit margins in retail, with a markup in the 40 to 50 percent range, according to Consumer Reports.  That’s a pretty HEFTY profit. If you research online, some say even higher! I’ve been told on average it costs around $300 to make a mattress. Do the math in your head… ouch!

You can shop specialty stores and big box stores, but be aware many give the same mattresses different names in different stores or they set up exclusivity agreements by mattress line in certain stores. This makes it impossible to comparison shop.

Why Order Online?

Now I’m sure many of you “showroom” – which means a customer examines merchandise in a traditional brick and mortar retail store before buying online. However, what if you were given a super deal on an awesome bed direct from a manufacturer and your satisfaction guaranteed or the bed ships back for free? Yep, now you’re speaking MYDFWMOMMY’s language!

In reality, I think we are all familiar with what kind of bed feels good to us. Personally, I can’t tell the difference between a $4,000 mattress or a $1,000 mattress and it’s nearly impossible to comparison shop since manufacturers sell exclusive lines to different retailers.

Geno and I wanted a 5-star quality hotel kind of mattress with a Walmart kind of price. Yep, we wanted high-quality and luxury!  One that was plush, but that provided ample support. When Crave Mattress contacted me to check out their mattress, I was thrilled as it was exactly the kind of mattress I had been looking for.

Crave Mattress Online

How to Order Online

It’s SUPER simple to order online and it arrives in about a week.  Crave Mattress offers two different options.  A memory foam mattress starting at $480- $930 and 12″ innerspring luxury plush starting at $525-$990. Oh, and right now they are offering $50 and free shipping with promo code: SAVE50.  Crave Mattress also offers a box and whole sleep system in addition to the mattress. The Crave Mattress box is called a Foundation and the bed frame is just a basic bed frame – only made very sturdy, unlike those new flimsy ones.

They compress, roll and ship directly to your door. The 2 options took the complexity and exhaustion of comparing mattresses while running from store to store.

Crave Mattress 12 Innerspring

Picking the Mattress

My biggest suggestion is deciding what type of mattress you prefer before you shop online.  For me, I wanted plush so Crave Mattress was my choice. I chose the 12′ innerspring. Also, make sure and read the reviews as this will help you narrow down your decision on which bed is right for you.

I think the Crave mattress is an excellent choice for people that want a mattress that will cradle and envelop their body, yet still provides great support.  Basically, it feels like a traditional innerspring mattress with extra cushioning on top and I love the fact that the beds are made in the USA!  If you want to learn more, I suggest reading the FAQ’s!

Bed in a BoxUnboxing the Mattress

So my doorbell rang and I hear a “plunk”.  To my delight, there sits my bed.  My daughter runs out and says, “what is this?”.  I told her it was my new bed.  Honestly, she couldn’t wrap her head around it!

Check out the video!

You essentially cut (or in our case, tear) the vacuum sealed plastic wrapper and voilà… the mattress expands! It sits for a couple of hours and your bed is ready.  The smell is a little “interesting” at first, but it airs out after a few hours.

Note:  Be sure you have good box springs before you put the mattress on your bed as the warranty is not applicable if there are signs that it’s on a faulty spring.

The whole process is actually cool to watch and still a bit mind-boggling how it can be done. I didn’t have to deal with any delivery dates or charges and our trash guys hauled away the old mattress.

The Trial Period

Here’s the fun part! You have a 100-day trial to see if you really like it or you can return it if it doesn’t work out.  You get to just sleep on the mattress and decide how you feel about it. Crave Mattress will have someone come pick up the mattress and issue a full refund. Pretty simple and shipping is FREE, which is a pretty killer deal!

Liquid Metal Artwork

My New Bed

My first night in the bed was literally “dreamy”.  No joke, I slept like a rock and didn’t even move.  I am more than pleased with this mattress, I’m ecstatic and so is my husband! The only bad part… I’m writing this post in MY BED now as it has become my new office :)!

This mattress, the one I’d spent almost zero brainpower to pick out, the one that I spent very little time shopping for, is PERFECT and a GREAT PRICE.

Oh, and look who got to try the bed first?  Yep, Rylie dog did and she gives it 4 PAWS up!

Buying a mattress online

NOTE: If you are one that needs a special bed built exclusively for you, this might not be your match, but realize you will pay high dollar.  I also know there are retail outlets – Costco, Ikea, that buy from mattress companies in bulk and sell generic mattresses cheaper.  If you chose this route, be careful of the warranty and return policy.  My brother-in-law bought one recently this way and it was a huge hassle trying to return the mattress, plus he had to borrow a truck to bring it back. I found the online option a much easier and hassle-free option for me!


  • Both mattresses are eco-friendly and all of it is handmade in the USA (including all components).
  • No ridiculous retail markups
  • Direct to consumer, no middle-man, no haggling
  • Ten-year life span made with convoluted latex and open-cell memory foam technology or the second mattress with the same technology paired with individually pocketed coils, that are comfortable yet cost effective