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On Tuesday, July 12, Amazon will be hosting the second annual Prime Day – the biggest Amazon event ever with over 100,000 deals for Prime members.

From TVs to headphones and slow cookers to vitamins – Prime Day will include deals on things you want, things you need, and everything in between. The deals are everywhere – members can shop deals on all devices, across nearly all categories.

Prime day starts at midnight PT, with new deals as often as every five minutes throughout the day. To participate in Prime Day, sign-up or start a free 30 day trial! on or before July 12th. Some of the highlights in the U.S. from 2015 include toys, mobile device cases and pet products like toys, food and treats.

Amazon Prime Deals

What’s New on Prime Day

  • Deals are Everywhere – Members can shop deals on all devices, across nearly all categories, in all Prime countries.
  • Lots of TVs – The deal inventory of TVs in the U.S. will be nearly 2x than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.
  • Toys All Day – Members in the U.S. will find toy deals nearly all day on Prime Day.
  • Watch-A-Deal – Readily track and shop any deal while at home or on-the-go with the Amazon App.
  • Sort by Category – Newly-enhanced deal shopping is designed to help customers swiftly sort deals by category.
  • Alexa Specials – There will be benefits to being an owner of an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap on Prime Day.
  • More Sellers – Twice as many small business sellers around the world are participating in Prime Day this year.
  • More to Watch – Members will find unbelievable deals on some of today’s top rated TV series and popular blockbuster films to rent or purchase and instantly stream on Amazon Video. 

In addition to blockbuster deals on Prime Day, July 12, Amazon will offer countdown deals for Prime members every day through July 11. Countdown deals will include gadgets on-the-go, products perfect for summer travel, for foodies and outdoor living, back-to-school and in-home essentials and daily deals on top of TV series and blockbuster movies available to rent or purchase and instantly stream through the Amazon Video app on TVs, mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire tablets, or online.

Save More with Amazon Prime Store Card

Save 5% on Prime Day and every day at Prime members who open an Amazon Prime Store Card now through Prime Day and get a $50 Gift Card instantly.

Amazon Echo Discount

If you have Alexa-enabled devices, Amazon offers Prime members $10 off purchases of $20 or more. It’s limited to Amazon Echo, Dot, and Tap owners with Prime accounts. Details on how to place your order as well as eligible items are available on the landing page. Deal ends July 12.

Buying or Trying Amazon Prime ~ Ways to Save

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If you’re looking to score Amazon Prime benefits for only certain times of the year (i.e. during the holidays or Amazon Prime day), I wanted to remind you about Amazon’s new monthly payment options!

Amazon Prime is now offering the option to pay just $10.99/month for full Prime benefits (2-day shipping, unlimited movies, TV shows, music streaming and more!) OR $8.99/month for Prime Video.  And remember, you can Sign up for a free 30-day trial and get access to all the hot deals on July 12th!



Whenever you go here and click on the the “Try Prime drop-down menu, click on the “Try Prime” link and then click on the “See more plans” button, you’ll be able to sign up for a FREE 30-day trial and be able to choose the $99 Annual Membership which includes a 25% prepayment discount (will apply after your trial ends). That means you’ll pay as low as just $8.25 per month for full Prime benefits!

Benefits of Amazon Prime


Amazon Prime Benefits

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you might not be aware of all the potential perks. Here is a list of benefits for Amazon Prime members so you can take advantage of all available!

And if you’re not a member yet, you can start a free 30 day trial!

Free Two-Day Shipping

This is probably the BEST selling point of all…free two-day shipping with no minimum on most orders. Non members need to spend at least $35 to get free shipping and that’s standard which takes longer.

No-Rush Shipping Credit

If you’re not in a hurry, Amazon provides an incentive for letting them take their time getting your order out the door. Depending on what you buy, you could get a digital credit towards an eBook, MP3, or movie, or a credit towards a Prime Pantry order.

Guaranteed Delivery

If you DO need it F-A-S-T and Amazon runs late, you get can get an extra month of Prime for free!  BUT, you have to ask for it!

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Same-Day Delivery

If you  live in Dallas, or one of the 21 cities where Prime Now is available, you can get most items delivered the same day, and many items as soon as within two hours.

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Streaming Music, Movies, and Television Shows

An Amazon Prime membership gives you unlimited access to millions of songs and thousands of movies and television shows — including Amazon original programming.

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Unlimited Cloud Photo Storage

I just started using this service and LOVE IT! Your Prime membership allows you to store all your photos in the cloud!  SAAWEEET!

Free Kindle eBooks

Like a virtual public library, Prime gives you access to more than 500,000 eBooks. You can borrow one book per month and there’s never any late fees. Note: This feature only works for Kindle owners, not Kindle app users.

Early Access to Deals

With Prime, you get a 30-minute headstart over the others, and that could make all the difference betwee
n scoring a HOT deal or not.

Prime-Only Prices and Coupons

In addition to getting a headstart on lightning deals, a Prime membership also gives you access to deals to which you wouldn’t otherwise be privy.  There are also clippable coupons becoming available only to Prime members. Plus, you will be able to take part in the 24-hour Prime members-only deal extravaganza known as Prime Day.
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Prime Pantry

Especially when it comes to buying large quantities of household items, Prime Pantry is an big added bonus. For just $5.99, you can have 45 pounds of groceries delivered to your doorstep.
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Amazon Family

For those with infants or young children, Prime’s Amazon Family perk can be a godsend. Diapers and other items are 20% off when ordered with Subscribe & Save (which can be cancelled at any time), saving you money and a trip to store for this necessity.

Plus, for just $3, you can sign up for Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, which gives you access to thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games.

Amazon Household

One of the best things about Prime is that you can share nearly all the perks with another member of your household.

Free Kindle Book(s) every month

You can also go here to sign up for a Free 30-day trial of Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Free Trial to Showtime and STARZ 

You can now add a subscription to apps like Showtime and STARZ to watch TV episodes, movies, and sports – all without cable! If you want to test out this new showtime subscription feature, consider signing up for a FREE 7-day trial to Showtime and STARZ (just $8.99/month after the free trial ends).

Ways to Save on Amazon

Additional Ways to Save Money on Amazon

We’ve discussed perks of Prime and ways to price match.  Let’s discuss additional ways to save on Amazon.

7-Day Price Protection

Amazon will give shoppers price protection for up to 7 days after your item is delivered. To get this, simply start a chat session and tell the rep that an item has gone down in price since you purchased it and they’ll quickly refund you the price difference. To qualify, the item must have been fulfilled by Amazon and not a 3rd party seller.

You can use as an easy way to automatically track Amazon prices. You enter the product whose price you want to track, and they’ll notify you via email when the price drops.

Use a Double Browser

Amazon has been known to charge Prime members more for products compared to non-members. Use two internet browsers to see if this is happening.

In one browser, let’s say Firefox, login to your Amazon account and find the item you want to purchase, but DON’T add it to your cart. Just take note of the price. Then in another browser, perhaps Chrome, check the Amazon price. BUT…before you do, be sure to clear your browser’s cookies and cache so that Amazon thinks you’re a non-Prime member. Once you’ve done that, visit the Amazon website and check the price of the item. To get the lower price, simply add the item to your cart using Chrome, then login to your Amazon account and buy as you normally would. If Amazon tries to raise the price on you after you login, you should call them at 1-(888)-280-4331 and make sure you get the lower price.

You can also try using your “incognito” window as well!

Search Results Can Hide the Best Deals

When doing a search on Amazon for a specific brand and model, don’t always trust the search results. When doing specific searches, one of the most secretive ways to save on Amazon is to always dig a little deeper and don’t buy the first item that appears. This is especially true on consumer electronics that sell for more than $100. Always browse through the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” carousel as well as the “Sponsored Products Related To This Item” carousel located on the individual product page. Many times you’ll find a cheaper version of the same exact model, either sold by a 3rd party or the actual manufacturer.

 “Add-On Items” Work Around

If you’re a Prime member, you’ve probably noticed that Amazon has gotten very good at using “Add-On Items”  to save on their overall shipping costs. Instead, you can add all your add-on items to your Amazon “Shopping List” and then buy only when your list reaches $25 and still get free 2-day shipping.

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Trade-In Items for Amazon Gift Cards

Consider the Amazon Trade-In program as a great way to offset future Amazon purchases. The program even looks through your old Amazon orders and will tell you what specific items are worth. But, the items you trade-in do NOT have to be purchased originally through Amazon. Just enter any item and they’ll tell you if they’ll buy it and for how much. Shipping is completely free via a prepaid shipping label.

Use Coupons

Amazon has coupons available and they’re a great way to save money. Go here to check out these coupons.

Here is a breakdown of the most popular coupon categories that they offer:

Diapers Delivered For Free at 20% Off

Do you have a baby in diapers along with a Prime membership? If so, use Amazon Family and get 20% off all diapers mailed to you via their Subscribe and Save program. Free shipping. Cancel anytime. Choose the delivery date that fits your needs.

Save More with Amazon Prime Store Card

Save 5% on Prime Day and every day at Prime members who open an Amazon Prime Store Card now through Prime Day and get a $50 Gift Card instantly.

How to Get a Price Adjustment

Amazon Price Adjustment

As we tell you often, prices on Amazon can change on a moment’s notice.  If the price goes lower, you can get a price adjustment.  For many, that might seem like too much of a hassle.  But in reality, spending a few minutes can save you some good money that goes back into YOUR wallet. Here are easy steps on how to get an Amazon Price adjustment.

How to get an Amazon Price Adjustment:

1. Go to the Amazon help page. Click on the “Need More Help” at the bottom, then Contact Us.

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2. Make sure you are logged in to your account. Then click on the tab for “most recent purchases.” If you do not see the purchase that you are inquiring about click on the button that says, “Choose a Different Order”.  Select the item and click “done”.

How to get An Amazon Price Adjustment

3. From the drop down menu, choose, “Returns and refunds” and then “Other return or refund issue”. Then in the fill in the blank type, “Partial Refund Price Change”.  Then you can email or call them, or start a live chat.  Explain the price change and you’re DONE! Easy enough and well worth the effort!

Items to note:

  • Amazon won’t adjust on a daily or lightning deal.
  • Limited to 7-days from the shipping date.
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