Multipurpose DIY Uses For Baking Soda, Vinegar, Dawn & Peroxide

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We all love multi-purpose products- they are an excellent way to save (money and space) and are usually safer to use around kids and pets! Check out this great list of uses for Baking Soda!

1. Make toothpaste~ You can combine baking soda with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution to create a non-fluoride toothpaste.

2. Facial scrub~ Instead of going to an expensive spa, make your own facial scrub! Make a paste of 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water. Rub in a gentle circular motion to exfoliate the skin. Rinse clean. This is gentle enough for daily use.

3. Deodorant~ Pat baking soda under your arms to neutralize body odor. It’s a great alternative to harsher deodorants.

4. Use as an Antacid~ Baking soda is a safe and effective antacid to relieve heartburn, sour stomach and/or acid indigestion. Refer to baking soda package for instructions.

5. Treat Insect Bites & Itchy Skin~ For insect bites, make a paste out of baking soda and water, and apply as a salve onto affected skin. To ease the itch, shake some baking soda into your hand and rub it into damp skin after bath or shower.

6. Make a Bath Soak~ Add 1/2 cup of baking soda to your bath to neutralize acids on the skin and help wash away oil and perspiration, it also makes your skin feel very soft. Epsom salts are pretty miraculous for the bath too.

7. Soothe Your Feet~ Dissolve 3 tablespoons of baking soda in a tub of warm water and soak feet. Gently scrub.

8. Make a Hand Cleanser and Softener~ Skip harsh soaps and gently scrub away ground-in dirt and neutralize odors on hands with a paste of 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water, or 3 parts baking soda to gentle liquid hand soap. Then rinse clean.

9. Freshen Sponges~ Soak stale-smelling sponges in a strong baking soda solution to get rid of the mess (4 tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in 1 quart of warm water).

10. Polish Silver Flatware~ Use a baking soda paste made with 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water. Rub onto the silver with a clean cloth or sponge. Rinse thoroughly and dry for shining sterling and silver-plated serving pieces.

11. Clean Shower Curtains~ Clean and deodorize your vinyl shower curtain by sprinkling baking soda directly on a clean damp sponge or brush. Scrub the shower curtain and rinse clean. Hang it up to dry.

12. Boost Your Liquid Laundry Detergent~ Give your laundry a boost by adding 1/2 cup of baking soda to your laundry to make liquid detergent work harder. A better balance of pH in the wash gets clothes cleaner, fresher and brighter.

13. Gently Clean Baby Clothes~ Baby skin requires the most gentle of cleansers, which are increasingly available, but odor and stain fighters are often harsh. For tough stains add 1/2 cup of baking soda to your liquid laundry detergent, or a 1/2 cup in the rinse cycle for deodorization.

14. Remove Oil and Grease Stains~ Use baking soda to clean up light-duty oil and grease spills on your garage floor or in your driveway. Sprinkle baking soda on the spot and scrub with a wet brush.

15. Clean Batteries~ Baking soda can be used to neutralize battery acid corrosion on cars, mowers, etc. because its a mild alkali. Be sure to disconnect the battery terminals before cleaning. Make a paste of 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water, apply with a damp cloth to scrub corrosion from the battery terminal. After cleaning and re-connecting the terminals, wipe them with petroleum jelly to prevent future corrosion.

16. Deodorize Your Refrigerator~ Place an open box in the back of the fridge to neutralize odors.

17. Deodorize the Cutting Board~ Sprinkle the cutting board with baking soda, scrub, rinse.

18. Remove Odor From Carpets~ Liberally sprinkle baking soda on the carpet. Let set overnight, or as long as possible (the longer it sets the better it works). Sweep up the larger amounts of baking soda, and vacuum up the rest. (Note that your vacuum cleaner bag will get full and heavy.)

19. Remove Odor From Vacuum Cleaners~ By using the method above for carpets, you will also deodorize your vacuum cleaner.

20. Camping Cure-all~ Baking soda is a must-have for your next camping trip. It’s a dish washer, pot scrubber, hand cleanser, deodorant, toothpaste, fire extinguisher and many other uses.

21. Extinguish Fires~ Baking soda can help in the initial handling of minor grease or electrical kitchen fires, because when baking soda is heated, it gives off carbon dioxide, which helps to smother the flames. For small cooking fires (frying pans, broilers, ovens, grills), turn off the gas or electricity if you can safely do so. Stand back and throw handfuls of baking soda at the base of the flame to help put out the fire–and call the Fire Department just to be safe.

22. Septic Care~ Regular use of baking soda in your drains can help keep your septic system flowing freely. One cup of baking soda per week will help maintain a favorable pH in your septic tank.

23. Fruit and Vegetable Scrub~ Baking soda is the food safe way to clean dirt and residue off fresh fruit and vegetables. Just sprinkle a little on a clean damp sponge, scrub and rinse.

24. Clean the Microwave~ Baking soda on a clean damp sponge cleans gently inside and outside the microwave and never leaves a harsh chemical smell. Rinse well with water.

25. Relieve Diaper Rash~ Put two tablespoons in your baby’s bathwater to help relieve diaper rash.

26. Fresh Flowers~ Keep cut flowers fresh longer by adding a teaspoon to the water in the vase.

27. Repel Rain~ Wipe your windshield with it to repel rain.

28. Music Fruit Relief~ Soak dried beans to a baking soda solution to make them more digestible.

29. Spot-Treat Acne~ You can make a paste with baking soda and water. Apply the paste to surface zits. It probably won’t work as well for deep blemishes.

30. Cooking~ Use it as a substitute for baking powder by mixing with it with cream of tartar or vinegar.

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Another great way to save is by using items you already have at your house. Check out these uses for Vinegar!

1. Clear dirt off PCs and electronics~ Your computer, printer, fax machine, and other home office gear will work better if you keep them clean and dust-free. Turn off your machine and wash with a mix of equal parts white vinegar and water. Wash with a cloth, not a spray bottle. You can use cotton swabs for tight spaces.

2. Get rid of smoke odor~ If you’ve recently burned a steak or can’t get rid of that cigarette smell, remove the lingering smoky odor by placing a shallow bowl about three-quarters full of white or cider vinegar in the room where the scent is strongest. To get the smell out of the air, moisten a cloth and wave it in the air.

3. Wipe away mildew~ Use undiluted vinegar to wipe away heavy mildew stains. Mix it with water to clean light mildew stains. You can even use a vinegar mist in a spray bottle to prevent mildew stains from forming in rugs and carpets.


4. Clean chrome and stainless steel~ To clean chrome and stainless steel fixtures around your home, apply a light misting of undiluted white vinegar from a recycled spray bottle. Buff with a soft cloth to bring out the brightness.

5. Unglue stickers, decals, and price tags~ Don’t you hate when you peel a sticker off of your new furniture or product and it’s still sticky from the glue? Worry no more! Use full-strength white vinegar and gently scrape it off the product. Use an expired credit card to scrape. You can also uses this solution to get glue off of glass, plastic and walls.

6. Brighten up brickwork~ Have dingy bricks around your fireplace? Use 1 cup of white vinegar mixed with 1 gallon of warm water to scrub the area. Your bricks will be looking shiny and nice!

7. Revitalize wood paneling~ You can also use vinegar to shine up your dull wood paneling. Mix 1 pint warm water with 4 tablespoons white or apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons olive oil. Let the mixture soak for a few minutes and then polish.

8. Remove carpet stains~ You can lift out many stains from your carpet with vinegar:
For light stains, mix 2 tablespoons salt with ½ cup white vinegar. Rub into the stain, let try and vacuum. For tough, ground-in dirt and other stains, make a paste of 1 tablespoon vinegar with 1 tablespoon cornstarch, and rub it into the stain using a dry cloth. Let it set for two days, then vacuum.

9. Keep car windows frost-free~ Vinegar is a great way to keep frost from forming on your car windows. Spray the outside of your windows with a mixture of 3 parts white vinegar to 1 part water.

10. Refresh your refrigerator~ Have you ever smelled a refrigerator that hasn’t been used for a long time? It’s gross! You can freshen up your fridge with a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water. You can use the solution to wash the interior and exterior of the fridge.

11. Steam-clean your microwave~ Fill a bowl with 1 cup water and ¼ cup vinegar. Set the bowl in the microwave and cook on high for 5 minutes. Once the bowl cools down, use the solution to wipe off the walls of the microwave.

12. Disinfect cutting boards~ Use full-strength white vinegar to clean wood cutting boards or butcher block countertops. This is a great alternative to dishwasher detergent because it can weaken surfaces and wood fiber. It disinfects against E.coli, salmonellsa and staphylococcus.

13. Clean china, crystal, and glassware~ Have soap spots and dingy spots on your dishes after you put them in the dishwasher? Simply add a few ounces of vinegar to your dishwasher. It will prevent those hard-water stains from showing up.

14. Trap fruit flies~ Did you bring home fruit flies from the market? You can make traps for them that can be used anywhere around your house by filling an old jar about halfway with apple cider vinegar. Punch a few holes in the lid, screw it back on, and you’re good to go.

15. Tenderize and purify meats and seafood~ Soaking a lean or inexpensive cut of red meat in a couple of cups of vinegar breaks down tough fibers to make it more tender. You can also use vinegar to tenderize seafood steaks. Let the meat or fish soak in full-strength vinegar overnight.

16. Control your dandruff~ Can’t wear those black shirts because your dandruff will show? Vinegar to the rescue! After shampooing, rinse your hair with a mixture of 2 cups apple cider vinegar and 2 cups cold water.

17. Ease sunburn and itching~ Gently rub a sunburn or rash with cotton balls or a soft cloth soaked with white or cider vinegar. Try to apply this before the sunburn begins to sting. You can use this to help treat insect bites or rashes from poison ivy or poison oak.

18. Clean your eyeglasses~ When it’s more difficult to see with your glasses on than it is with them off, it’s a clear indication that they’re in need of a good cleaning. Applying a few drops of white vinegar to your glass lenses and wiping them with a soft cloth will easily remove dirt, sweat, and fingerprints, and leave them spotless. Don’t use vinegar on plastic lenses, however

19. Stop reds from running~ Unless you have a fondness for pink-tinted clothing, take one simple precaution to prevent red washable clothes from ruining your wash loads. Soak your new clothes in a few cups of undiluted white vinegar for 10-15 minutes before their first washing. You’ll never have to worry about running colors again! This also works with other bright colors that you worry might run.

20. Speed germination of flower seed~ You can get woody seeds, such as moonflower, passionflower, morning glory, and gourds, off to a healthier start by lightly rubbing them between a couple of sheets of fine sandpaper-and soaking them overnight in a solution of 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar and 1 pint warm water. Next morning, remove the seeds from the solution, rinse them off, and plant them.

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You can always find a deal on Dawn Dish Soap, that’s why this is one of my favorite go to items for cleaning and fixing things around the home.

Wild Life (Oil Spill Cleanup)
Dawn effectively removes grease without causing harm to the skin of the effected animals! It’s also biodegradable and phosphate free.

Dawn is a key ingredient in the Giant Bubble Recipe used in bubble makers at many children’s museums:
1/2 cup Ultra Dawn
1/2 gallon warm water
1 tablespoon glycerin (available at any drug store)
Stir gently. Skim the foam off the top of the solution (too much foam breaks down the bubbles), and enjoy!

Greasy Hair
If you have a child, you have probably had to remove many different types of “shampoo creations” from their hair…like Vaseline and baby oil ?! Dawn is mild enough to use on their hair, yet strong enough to remove the most stubborn grease!

Hair Products Buildup
Once a month use original Dawn as you would shampoo. It will remove excess oil from your hair and scalp and strip away any build-up of styling products without any damage. Perform this once a month and you won’t have to buy expensive salon products that do the same thing!

Manicure Secret
Soak fingers in full-strength blue Dawn. It makes the cuticles soft and easy to work with. And it removes the natural oil from the fingernails, which allows the polish to adhere better, and last longer!

Repel Household Insects
A safe, effective way to repel insects from your houseplants, including aphids and spider mites. Put a drop of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid in a spray bottle, fill the rest of the bottle with water, shake well, and mist your household plants with the soapy water.

Clean Your Windows
Try this recipe and make your windows shine!
Mix 3 drops Dawn in 3 liters of water, and fill a spray bottle with the solution.
Spritz and wipe as you would with any window cleaner.

Pets and Pests
Use it to bathe the dog! It kills fleas on contact and is much cheaper than expensive dog shampoos.

Clean Automotive Tools
Soak your dirty tools in Dawn before you put them away to remove all the oil and grime. Dawn also helps prevent rust from forming on the tools, making them last longer!

Homemade Ice Pack
Partially fill a ziploc sandwich bag with Dawn dishwashing liquid, close and freeze. The liquid soap stays cold much longer and it can be re-frozen many times. It will also conform to the place you need the ice pack, ensuring evenly placed cooling!

Tub & Shower Cleaner
Take a spray bottle and fill it halfway with white vinegar. Heat in the microwave for about 45 seconds. Fill the rest of the way with blue Dawn. Put lid on and shake to mix well. Spray on your tub and shower walls. Allow to sit for a few minutes and rinse away. It will totally melt all the gunk, slime, sludge and other stuff that builds up, including a bathtub ring!

Ant Repellant
Spray counter-tops, cupboards and any other area where you see ants with a solution of Dawn and water. Wipe dry. The slight residue of Dawn that remains will not be a problem at all for kids or pets, but ants hate it!

Stripping Cloth Diapers
Add a squirt or two of original Dawn dish soap to your washer and run a hot wash, then rinse until there are no more bubbles.
Dawn is a degreasing agent and helps stripping by removing oily residue. Be sure to rinse, rinse, rinse until the water runs clear!

Unclogging Toilets
A cup of Dawn dish soap poured into a clogged toilet will usually do the trick! Allow it to sit for 15 minutes, then follow with a bucket of hot water poured from waist height, and the clog should move along!

Poison Ivy
Washing the affected area with Dawn (especially on children who keep scratching the blisters open), helps dry up the poison ivy fluid and keeps it from spreading.

Driveway Cleaner
If you have gas or oil stains on your driveway, you can use the kitty litter method to clean up the excess oil, and then use a scrub broom and a solution of biodegradable Dawn dishwashing detergent and warm water to safely and effectively remove excess motor oil from the pavement!

Oily Skin
Dawn makes a great facial cleanser for oily skin! A drop or two combined with warm water will do the trick.

Paint/Grease Remover for Hands
Dawn combined with corn oil makes for the perfect paint or grease remover! Simply combine a little bit of both in your hands then rub it over the effected areas. The corn oil and the dishwashing liquid both help to dissolve the grease and paint – yet leave skin soft, unlike harsher paint removers.

Cleaning Kiddie Pools
Plastic wading pools can get very gunky, very fast! Dump the water, then scrub the pool with Dawn and a sponge. More potent cleaners like bleach will weaken and dry out the plastic in the sun, so this alternative will also help it last longer!

Multipurpose Cleaner
Use a drop of Dawn in water to clean …
ceramic tile and no-wax/linoleum floors.
Bathroom and kitchen counters and sinks.
Woodwork, e.g., baseboards, shelves, and wainscoting. (Dry as you go–wood doesn’t like prolonged contact with water!)
Tubs and toilet seats.

Pre-Treat Laundry
For oil-based stains such as lipstick, grease, butter, oil, and some pen inks, simply apply some Dawn dishwashing liquid directly to the stain and scrub with a toothbrush until the oil is removed, then launder as usual.

Non-Toxic Lubricant
Sliding glass doors, door knobs, hinges etc. It lasts much longer than any aerosol type spray that I have tried. And it’s non-toxic! It does a great job of cleaning the parts that it’s lubricating as well!

Sidewalk De-Icer
For icy steps and sidewalks in freezing temperatures, mix 1 teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid, 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, and 1/2 gallon hot/warm water and pour over walkways. They won’t refreeze. No more salt eating at the concrete in your sidewalks!

Pool Cleaning
Squirt Dawn down the middle of the pool and all of the dirt, suntan lotion, etc. will move to the edges of the pool for easy clean up!

Eyeglass Defogger
Simply rub a small drop of Dawn on eyeglass lenses, and wipe clean. It will leave a very thin film that will prevent them from fogging up!

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Hydrogen Peroxide is a great low cost household staple that has more uses than you may think!

Remove Pesticides & Dirt from Produce
Wash your vegetables and fruits with hydrogen peroxide to remove dirt and pesticides. Add 1/4 cup of peroxide to a sink of cold water. After washing, rinse thoroughly with cool water.

Simple & Effective Mouthwash
Use hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash to freshen breath. It kills the bacteria that causes halitosis (bad breath). Use a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Added bonus is, it will whiten your teeth too!

DIY Toothpaste
Use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to make a paste for brushing teeth. It helps with early stages of gingivitis as it kills bacteria, it also whitens teeth.

Clean Toothbrushes
This is great for cold & flu season. Soak your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide between uses to keep it clean and prevent the transfer of germs.

Non-Toxic Cleaner
Use peroxide to wipe out your refrigerator and dishwasher. Because it’s non-toxic, it’s great for cleaning places that store food and dishes. It is even safe for kids to use.

Remove Stains from Pots & Pans
Remove baked on stains from pots and pans. Just combine hydrogen peroxide with enough baking soda to make a paste, then rub onto the dirty pan and let it sit for a while. Come back later with a scrubby sponge and some warm water, and the baked-on stains will lift right off.

Whiten Grout
Whiten tile grout throughout your house! Liberally spray the grout with hydrogen peroxide. Let it sit — it may bubble slightly — for a little while, then come back and scrub the grout with an old toothbrush. You may have to repeat the process a few times, but it works!

Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Clean the toilet bowl naturally! Pour half a cup of hydrogen peroxide into the toilet bowl, let stand for 20 minutes, then scrub clean.

Clothing Stain Remover
Remove stains from clothing, curtains, and tablecloths without harsh chemicals! Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a pre-treater for stains. Just soak the stain for a little while in 3% hydrogen peroxide before tossing into the laundry. You can also add a cup of peroxide to a regular load of whites to boost brightness. (Think Oxi-Clean)

Mopping Solution
Brighten and disinfect your floors. Combine half a cup of hydrogen peroxide with one gallon of hot water and start mopping. It is safe for any floor type, and non-toxic.

Clean Toys
Kids toys can be covered in germs. Disinfect kids’ toys and play areas with some hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle. It won’t hurt any one. Just spray and rinse/wipe clean.

Garden Fungicide
Help your garden grown by warding off fungus. Just add a little hydrogen peroxide to your spray bottle the next time you’re spritzing plants to prevent fungus from growing.

Detox Bath
Try adding a half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to a warm bath can help detoxify the body. It will also leave you with a clean tub.

Salad Extender
This is genius! Spray a solution of 1/2 cup water and 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide on leftover salad, drain, cover and refrigerate. This will prevent wilting and better preserve your salad. Great for when you buy an entire head of lettuce.

Acne Treatment
Dab hydrogen peroxide on pimples or acne to help clear skin. This removes oils and toxins from the skin leaving it clean and beautiful without drying.

Remove Ear Wax
Use peroxide to remove ear wax. Use a solution of 3% with olive or almond oil. Add a couple drops of oil first then the peroxide to your ear. After a few minutes, tilt head to remove solution and wax.

Treat Foot Fungus
Peroxide helps with foot fungus. Spray a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water on your feet every night and let dry. Or try soaking your feet in a peroxide solution to help soften calluses and corns, and disinfect minor cuts.

De-Must Towels
Take the musty smell out of towels. Use 1/2 cup Peroxide and 1/2 cup vinegar and soak towels for 15 minutes, then wash as normal. It gets rid of the odor.

Tooth Whitening
Use peroxide as a mouth wash for a natural tooth whitening effect. Hydrogen Peroxide is actually the main ingredient in those teeth whitening strips.
NOTE: Do not swallow any peroxide. When the peroxide rinse is done, be sure to rinse out your mouth with water.

Hair Lightening
Peroxide is a bleaching agent and is used for lightened hair. Dilute 3% Hydrogen peroxide with water 1/2 and 1/2 and spray the solution on your wet hair after a shower. Comb it through. You will not have the peroxide burnt blonde hair like the hair dye packages, but more natural highlights if your hair is a light brown, faddish, or dirty blonde. It also lightens gradually, not drastically. (Use with caution)

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