Tax Free Weekend Dallas & Fort Worth~ August 11-13th

Posted by Jennifer Carles on Wednesday, August 9th, 2017 at 1:40 PM
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We’ve got a little bit of summer left, but back to school sales and deals are in full swing! And tax free weekend in Dallas & Fort Worth is on August 11-13th, 2017!

During those weekends, participating stores will refrain from charging sales tax on select items — many of which cater to back-to-school needs. Parents can save on clothing and shoes, school supplies of all kinds, computers, and other tech equipment. Plus, if you’re savvy, you can find back-to-school sales that are active during tax-free weekend, multiplying your potential savings.

Obviously, you don’t have to be a parent or a student in order to benefit from back-to-school sales and tax-free holidays. Anybody who wants to add to their wardrobe, upgrade their tech, or score some office supplies can take advantage of the holiday.

But remember, many states impose purchase limits on eligible items. Often, it’s only items under a certain amount that will qualify for tax free perks.

Here is the tax free weekend in Texas: August 11-13

Clothing and footwear: $100
Backpacks: $100
School supplies: $100

As in previous years, the law exempts most clothing, footwear, school supplies, and backpacks priced under $100 from sales and use taxes, which could save shoppers about $8 on every $100 they spend. For the all-inclusive list of tax-exempt school supplies, click here. For the full list of tax-free, as well as taxed, clothing and footwear items, click here.

Make sure and keep posted on MyDallasMommy’s Retail Deals page as we’ll keep you posted on the ways to save in store that weekend!


Take Free Weekend Fort WorthHow to shop during this Sales Tax Holiday:

Use common sense when shopping that weekend… compare prices at different stores, do your homework and use printable and mobile coupons to stretch your savings! Some advice… don’t make the mistake of buying items that you don’t need just because of the sales tax holiday.


1. Use resources like DFWMommy for all of the latest new coupons. Shopkicks and Ibotta apps are great tools that offer coupons for many stores where can earn points for walking into your favorite stores or offers rebates when making a purchase. Target Cartwheel can be combined with a manufacturer coupon and Target Store coupon!!

2. Shoppers should think outside of the Box. Try consignment shops, Salvation Army, and the mall!  Stores at the mall, like Macy’s, offers great back to school deals and even have coupons to make clothing really affordable. For school supplies, don’t forget Kroger and Toys R Us have GREAT deals too.

3. Get some of your Christmas shopping in. Clothes, electronics, and stocking stuffers are a few great buys during the tax holiday.

4. Take advantage of layaways. Qualifying items placed on or picked up from layaway during the Sales Tax Holiday are exempt from sales tax.

5. Use coupons to save yourself money, but know the rules. While coupon use is allowed during the tax holiday, coupons are not allowed to be used to reduce the price of an item so it will meet the guidelines of the tax holiday rules. The only exception to this is if the coupon is a store coupon – If a retailer offers a discount to reduce the price of an eligible clothing item to $100 or less, the item will qualify for the exemption. This applies to all discounts even if a retailer’s coupon or loyalty card is required to secure the discount.

7. Be sure to make a list and know what you need to get before you go. This will prevent impulse buying.

8.Also, be sure to use websites like My Dallas Mommy which are designed to find the deals for you so you can spend less time doing the research.

Things to AVOID

1. Don’t assume something is on the allowed tax-free list. Make sure you visit the official Texas website and print the list of allowed items. It would be a big disappointment if you spent a lot of time trying to find the best price on a specific item only to realize afterward that you still had to pay taxes.

2. Don’t forget, back to school deals are very predictable. The almost 10% tax savings today may not be as great a savings as when the items go on clearance at the start of September.

School Supplies:

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