How to Stretch Your Household Income

Posted by My Dallas Mommy on Thursday, April 27th, 2017 at 6:00 PM
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How to Stretch Your Household Income

We all want to make more money. But when you can learn how to stretch your household income that you already have and depend on, then the stress of earning more money can be alleviated. Here are 10 great ways to make your household income seem larger than it is.


Whether you print or clip coupons, use peels on products in the store, or contact companies directly, coupon savings can add up quickly.  50¢ here and $1 there…. you’ll find that if you keep track of the money you save each month from coupons, you’re saving more than you probably think!

Subscription Services

Grocery and household goods subscription services can be a life saver.  Not only are you saving time and money on gas driving to and from the store, you can take advantage of member savings AND stock your freezer or pantry.  Purchasing multiples of the items you use most when they are the cheapest eliminates the need to pay full price when you run out.  Check out these Grocery & Household Subscription Services that we recommend.


Buy Generic

Just because something generic doesn’t have a familiar logo or name on it, doesn’t mean the same active ingredients aren’t in them.  Generic versions of household items, medications and food can be just as good (if not better!) than the name brand items.  Give them a shot, and you may find your grocery bill dropping even more. Quick tip – if you have picky kids, try buying generic foods equivalent to what they prefer, and keeping the name brand box.  After it’s empty, replenish it with the generic version.  They probably won’t tell the difference!

Cash Back

When you shop online, or in-store, you can always get great cash back deals.  Sign up for Trim, Paribus, give you money back on the purchases you make from your favorite stores. Use apps like Ibotta, Checkout51, SavingStar, and Snap to get cash back on your grocery shopping.

Pack your lunch

Prep out your lunches on Sunday before the work week hustle begins.  Use containers like these Meal Prep Containers that keep your food fresh all week.  This will save you a ton of money and keep you from spending it on fast food, snacks or going out to eat.  That adds up quickly!  A $6 lunch every day for a year is over $2,000! You can also get a travel coffee mug to take your coffee with you, so those trips to Starbucks don’t seem necessary any more, and you’ll save about $30 a week!

Shop Gently Used Clothing

Instead of grabbing that designer pair of jeans brand new, consider using sites like  This popular sites offers gently used, name brand clothing and accessories at super deep discounts. Bonus – they sell kids clothing, too, with prices starting at only 99¢ and new products every day!  This will save you a ton of money on your clothing budget for the year!

Reduce Bills & Banking Fees

Forget the cable – shut it off and opt for Netflix and a TV Antenna.  Netflix is only about $10 a month, and an antenna offers local stations for free, with the one time cost of the device for only about $20.  Finally, eliminate unnecessary bank costs.  Look over your bank statements or talk to your banker to see if there are other options you could be using. If you’re paying monthly checking account fees, you may not need to!

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